On suffering

Suffering is the result of sin, yet we blame everything and everyone for suffering except the true culprits: ourselves. Most often we comply with Satan’s will instead of God’s Will, either by default or by deliberation. Then we complain, curse and even blaspheme when we suffer as a result, displacing blame from its true locus: ourselves. Others also suffer as a result of sin, albeit in reparation for the pain, sorrow and grief we inflict upon God and to appease His righteous, divine justice. But many of us do not care about the latter kind of suffering, at least not to the extent that it upsets our comfort zones, for we have embraced selfishness with all our hearts.

When we make a conscious decision to stop sinning and adhere with all our strength to that decision, suffering – both ours and that of others – will then cease, at least to the extent we are familiar with it now. God never intended us to suffer. It was not in His original plan. We are blinder, deafer and dumber than the three monkeys if we think suffering will be mitigated by sinning further, as sin begets more suffering; not less. Those who claim otherwise manifest twisted logic.  We need to understand that what comes next – less suffering or more – from the very next moment, depends solely on ourselves.