The beauty of the divine life

It is immensely beautiful to participate by grace in the divine life of the Most Holy Trinity. What intense love! What joy and happiness! It is literally a slice of heaven on earth and who in their right mind does not want a piece of that? But the thing is, the offer to participate in the Divine Family life is not restricted to just a few persons. Our Father desires everyone to return to participate in His divine life. So much so that He is ready to shower His graces – unparalleled graces, even previously unseen graces – onto anyone who accepts His open offer. Why stay away, therefore, when you can all be filled with riches beyond belief; joy, happiness and love beyond belief? 

Come! Come and be filled to overflowing with love: unparalleled love and intoxicating joy. Come! Come and adore Him who made us all in His image, in order to attain to His likeness. Come and worship Him with love in your hearts, in thanksgiving for all He has given us and keeps on giving us, and in reparation for all the blasphemies which continue to be committed against His most tender, gentle, loving Divine Paternal Heart. Come and adore the Most Holy Trinity without Whom the entire universe would return to its original darkness and chaos.