The rage of the Evil One and Our Lady

The rage of the Evil One is increasing worldwide in intensity, immediacy and frequency. However, do not fear. He only has power insomuch as we give it to him through our own free-will choice. Whenever he attacks – and attack he will, in whatever manner his minions and himself decide to do so – immediately invoke the help of our beautiful, loving, loyal  and fiercely protective Mother and he will flee with great rapidity. 

Satan hates the Holy Trinity, but there is one person he hates with even greater vengeance: Our Lady. Since She is a created being, inherently inferior to him in nature, Our Lady crushed Satan’s pride and rose above him through Her unabated obedience to God. The Mother protects without fail; turn to Her when in need. It is what the Holy Trinity desires so that all mankind recognizes Her as They have proclaimed Her to be: that is, our Mother and Queen of the entire heavens and earth.