The pierced Heart of the Father – 2

We have pierced His Divine Heart with our sins. But, above all, with our ongoing refusal to return to Him. What is it going to take, for us to realize the extent to which we have pierced our Father’s tender Heart? He loves and grieves, precisely because He loves with an intensity you cannot begin to conceive. When are we going to console our Father, soothe the grief in the very Core of His Divine Heart with our tears – grief caused by our sins, our obstinacy, and all the sins of the world?

In typical manner, we talk about what we can get out of Him and, with infinite humility, the Almighty Father complies. He listens to our requests – if not demands – and grants them even beyond expectation. Yet we repeatedly and intentionally fail to speak about what are we going to give Him. So here are the questions:

What are we going to give Him who made us and just desires our happiness and our good? More specifically, what can each one of you give Him today, this very instance? Nothing is too small or too insignificant to console our beautiful Father. All He desires is genuine intimacy and love from our hearts.