What does it mean to be a human being?

 To be a human being is to be a child of God.

Many of us do not know what this means anymore and many others have not learned. We live in our physical bodies, yet we do not live; we just exist. We go through the motions every day, but this is the extent of what we attain, for many of us are none other than spiritually dead.

We have completely forgotten – if we ever knew – what it is like to be loved with divine love. A love incomparable to any other in its intensity, genuineness and profundity. We have become blind and forgotten our heritage, for we let ourselves be deceived about our nature and our destiny. We allowed ourselves to be taken in by the lies of the father of them all. We let ourselves soak up the wisdom of the world.

It is time we actively take steps to rediscover our true heritage, our divine inheritance, for we are none other than children of the living God.