And He will crush your heart

He will crush your heart, to be able to love His people as He desires them to be loved. Indeed, as He loved them Himself. For without a heart that has been crushed, it remains closed or insufficiently open and His people cannot enter. They cannot be held with tenderness and joy, especially those most in need of His love: those who continue to reject Him, insult Him and blaspheme Him. 

He will crush your heart, in order for you to become like His Son, to take on the likeness of His beautiful Son: that is, crucified on the cross. For only in and through the cross, that ladder of ascent, can we become the means through which the Father’s merciful love deigns to descend and return once again in its fullness – the coming of the Kingdom – to this dark world that adamantly does not want Him. This world that keeps on doing all it can to obliterate Him from the hearts, minds and souls of the people – His people.

He will crush your heart, so that you will not be better off than your Master and Savior, if you truly desire to serve Him. He will afflict you with the same trials He bestowed upon His Son for our salvation and deification. He will crush your heart with the same sorrows that were suffered by the Mother: Her who remains undesired to this day, even by so many of His very own.

But, above all, He will crush your heart, in order for you to become the means through which His people, His long-lost and ever-stubborn children, can return to Him safely and call Him by the sweet name of “Father.”