What’s the Father God? – Response to a question

The question was asked, “What’s the Father God?” The Father God, or as He is better known God the Father – Yhwh, Allah; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the God of Hagar and Ishmael – is not a what but a Who. God the Father is your Father and Creator, as He is my Father and Creator; the Father and Creator of all those who know Him and do not know Him, those who acknowledge Him as their Father and those who do not acknowledge Him.

God the Almighty Father made us. He willed us into being in His mind, each and every one of us, from the beginning. He made us in His image, to attain to the likeness of His Son, out of love, for Love, to be filled with love and live with Love Himself forever – gods, sons and daughters of the Most High God.

The Almighty is a spirit Who, from the outset, willed His own hypostasis as a Father, the first Person of the Holy Trinity; the eternally Unbegotten Who begot and eternally creates. Together with His Son and Spirit, the Most High is God by nature, by essence, but supremely a Father – the Father – by preference; the only God Who is also Father. Hence, the Almighty is the Creator of everything present in the universe, visible and invisible, but uniquely the Father of His only-begotten Son and all humankind. That is Who the Father God Is.