A tribute to God our Father by Sr Margaret Mary, S.D.M.

trinityThe site God the Father Calls: The Great Circle of Love is a tribute to our loving Father set up a few years ago and maintained by Sister Margaret Mary, S.D.M., a Catholic hermitess in Maine. I am posting it here in public recognition of the humble, but never failing, work Sister Margaret did to encourage people to return to live in the Divine Heart of God our Father.

Sister Margaret Mary loved our Heavenly Father with great intensity and was very close to Him. And He loved her back with particular fondness and fatherly affection. She could not wait to return home to Him, to live forever in our Father’s bosom. Whenever we met, and this was not infrequent, we would talk for days about devotion and dedication to our beautiful Father.

Sister Margaret Mary recently passed away after a fairly painful struggle of about a year a half with cancer. Should you feel so inclined, please do pay a visit to the site she has left us in legacy and say a prayer for her soul. Thank you for your kindness.