The Almighty God is Father, not mother – Response to a repeated question

The question keeps being repeatedly and insistently asked, “Can Almighty God be a mother?” The answer is that the Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, the Begetter not the Begotten, the first Person of the Holy Trinity is Father, not mother. Numerous instances throughout Scripture, too lengthy to be all cited here, attest to this immutable fact, although He can certainly be as tender as a mother when needed (Is 39:15).

Jesus Christ Himself, the only-begotten Son of the Almighty, called Him “Abba” (Mk 14:36) – Father, and the Lord’s Prayer which He taught us commences with “Our Father, Who art in heaven” (Mt 6:9-13), not “Our mother who art in heaven.” It is the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ, who is our Mother by virtue of having been given to us by Her Son when He was dying (Jn 19:26), not God the Almighty Father.

Here are further succint explanations and explications of why God the Almighty Creator, the first Person of the Holy Trinity, is Father and not mother: