The absence of humility in affluent churches 

Flash and pizzazz. Plush semicircular, semi reclining benches with deep cushions. Sloping floor, lighting and seating a la cine theater auditorium. Ushers and extraordinary ministers of communion galore, countless rules and regulations. Men in suits, starched white shirts and ties; women dressed up to the nines as though attending a gala event at the Metropolitan Opera. An entrance and a hallway almost the size of the church itself.

But where is God?

There He is, caged not only in the tabernacle, but also behind the decorative glass paneling; doubly caged. And not even deserving of a single flower to His name despite all the flash and pizzazz!

God? Who is God? Do we even care about Him and about having just a tiny, little bit of humility? Oh, who cares! The important thing, it seems, is that we show just how much money we all have; how loaded we are. Who cares about anything or anyone else!