More lies by the laity in the Catholic Church in America (2)

Some more lies being propagated by the laity, especially ‘professional’ Catholics, in the Church in America (and elsewhere):

  1. There is no hope for “evil” people to be saved, because they are evil. They will “never find rest in this life or the next”* – NOT. (A) No such thing as “evil people” exist, because every human person is made in the image of God. There is a major difference between image and likeness. (B) There is no such thing as “never” finding rest “in either this life or the next,” no matter one’s sinfulness and consequently fractured likeness, because God’s mercy is infinite and always trumps His justice. Yes, the mercy of God is a scandal to many, including to several ‘good’ Catholics. (C) Every person is given one last chance at the very moment of their passing;
  2. Atheists and “pagans” cannot be saved. Only “we Christians” can be saved** – NOT. (A) The Holy Spirit blows where He wills. Both baptism by desire and baptism by blood lead to the fullness of sanctifying grace and the removal of original sin, not just baptism by water. What may be invisible to men in the deepest recesses of the heart of man is neither invisible nor unacceptable to God. (B) Not all Christians are saved and finish the race well (cf. 2 Tim 4:7). It is easier for a good-willed atheist or pagan to reach Heaven than it is for a Christian or Catholic who is self-righteous. (C) See option C in #1 above;
  3. It is impossible for atheists and pagans to have good will and/or do good, because they do not know God – NOT. Because an atheist or a pagan (to use the same language) may not know God does not mean they cannot possess good will and/or do good. God, Who is the source of all good, has His image imprinted on their souls just the same as it is imprinted on the souls of Christians (see #1 above). Further, the natural order and natural law are similarly imprinted and present. Hence natural good will and goodness with its consequent acts can still be present;
  4. Only the baptized are children of God – NOT. (A) God is the Creator of every single person ever made and who will be made until the end of all time. In that sense He is their Father and they are His children. (B) It is true that for a human person to become a son/daughter of God by adoption, in the sense of becoming a partaker of the divine nature (2 P 1:4), one needs to have been baptized. However, that is not restricted to baptism by water (see #2 above).

*To make this claim, especially with impunity, is to commit the exact same sin of the chief priests in relation to Judas Iscariot. A sin born of hatred.

**To make this claim is to commit the sin parallel to that of the Pharisees in the time of Jesus Christ. A sin born of pride.

It is ironic that those who would write the most about hamartiology not infrequently end up committing those very same sins they tend to rail most loudly against. This is permitted, albeit not willed, by God to teach them humility.