The visible destruction of the Catholic Faith


  1. Invalid absolutions; to
  2. Clergy who do not believe anyone goes to Hell, “because God does not punish;” through
  3. Blessing same-sex marriages;
  4. Counseling abortion in cases of danger to the health of the mother; to
  5. Pushing syncretism and idol worship in the name of diversity;
  6. Mocking the confession of mortal sins in kind and number; to
  7. More mockery of the necessary valid matter for the consecration of the Precious Blood of Christ.

It is clear that the institutional destruction of the Catholic Faith by a significant proportion of its clergy is well underway. And the above is just a smattering of what is happening.

The Faith, however, will not die. The Catholic faith and the fullness of its truths will persist in the hearts and minds of those loyal to the Church, even though many will suffer for their personal sins and for the sins of the betrayers. The Faith shall emerge again in all its glory, once the purification and tribulation are over.