Call for Solemnity of the Divine Paternal Heart

Call to institute the Solemnity of the Divine Paternal Heart

The call was explicitly made to institute the Solemnity of the Divine Paternal Heart of God the Father, in the liturgical calendar of the universal Church. This call was by Thomas W. Petrisko, president of The Father of All Mankind Apostolate and former president of the Pittsburgh Center for Peace. In his book The Divine Paternal Heart of God Our Father, Petrisko (2012) said:

“The Father’s pain for His children now pierces His Paternal Heart. The Lord of Heaven and earth hears the cry of Israel, and once again, He is moved to deliver us out of our slavery . . . into the Kingdom of His Mercy and Love – His Divine Paternal Heart . . . our devotion to the Heart of Hearts, therefore, needs to be unconditional and unrestrained. We need to become consecrated prisoners of its glory and splendor . . . Our Father desires and deserves such praise and devotion as is worthy of our loving Creator, our ABBA . . . His Divine Will includes such a homage, such a fiat from His children . . . we need to see ourselves prostrate before the image of His Divine Paternal Heart . . . [then] through the love and consecrated devotion of His children, let Our Father’s feast cay come; let the Church humbly and boldly declare His Great Day, so Our Father’s honor will be complete, so He will be known, loved and praised, so He will be exalted in Heaven and on earth.

“It is the announcement the world longs to hear, needs to hear: The Solemnity of the Divine Paternal Heart . . . the greatest of feasts,The Feast of Life, the one true antidote to the culture of death, prepared since the beginning of time . . . Along with the Pope’s consecration of the world to the Divine Paternal Heart of God Our Father, the story of Genesis through Revelation will have taken a blazing turn towards its climactic conclusion . . . such recognition and honor of Our Father’s Divine Paternal Heart by His children, by His Church, must now come . . . [as] a shout of joy to heaven, that will bring forth the collapse of evil like the walls of Jericho, opening the gates to a new era of extraordinary grace, an era of peace and complete joy in God . . . the Triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart – the long awaited reunification of Our Father with His children on earth – heart to Heart . . . a new era of oneness with the Father.”


Petrisko, T. W. (2012). The Divine Paternal Heart of God Our Father. St. Andrews Productions.

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