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Consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary

On March 25, 2022, which is the Solemnity of the Annunciation (Feast of the Incarnation), Pope Francis will consecrate the countries of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. This consecration will, for the first time ever, reportedly be done in conjunction with all the bishops of the world in their respective dioceses.

The Stations of the Cross

Beautiful set of vintage Stations of the Cross in Spanish for Lenten meditations and Holy Week.

Where humanity is now

Three phases characterize the spiritual life in relation to God: purification, illumination, and deification. These phases apply both individually and collectively. Humanity is in the first phase – namely, the purification of individuals and the world from all impurities and iniquities.

The stage is being set for the second phase, that of illumination. Some have already received the illumination of their own conscience, while others – the vast majority – still have to experience it. At the same time, the collective dimension of the second phase has not yet happened; that is, the global illumination of all consciences. Those already granted the individual illumination will undergo the process once more during the global illumination.

After purification and illumination have been completed, humanity will enter into the third phase of the spiritual life and relationship with the Father: deification, individually and collectively. This third phase will be the era of the common deification of humanity, popularly known as the era of peace – namely, the reign of the Father and His divine will; the kingdom come. It will be the fulfillment in time of 1 P 2:4. During this era, everyone will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth, as this is what He has desired and decreed since the beginning. Goodness and joy will reign overall on earth for the first time since the fall of Adam.

After that, will come the last rebellion of Satan. The Antichrist will come onto the scene and there will be the final persecution. Subsequently, Christ will be seen returning on the clouds in His second coming and the last judgment will commence.

The icon of God the Merciful Father in Ukraine

The first icon of the Father in the Catholic Church. This icon was based on the revelations that God the Father gave to Mother Eugenia Ravasio in 1932. It was written by Lia Gaidiolo of Padova, Italy, and installed in the Pro-Cathedral of God the Merciful Father in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

The Father’s words to Mother Eugenia: “I desire that every family prominently display the picture I will show to My “little daughter.” I wish every family to be able to place itself under My special protection in this way, so that they can honor Me more easily. There, every day, the family will share with Me its needs, its works, its sorrows, its sufferings, its desires, and also its joys, because a Father must know everything that concerns His children. I do know it of course, because I am there, but I love simplicity. I know how to adapt Myself to your condition. I make Myself little with little ones. I make Myself an adult with adults, and the same with the elderly, so that all may comprehend what I wish to tell them for their sanctification and My glory.”

The Father and the Son

How much the Son, Jesus Christ, loves the Heavenly Father! Christ does not just love us with the whole of Himself to the extent of having died on the Cross for us. He loves the Father – His Father and our Father – with the entirety of His being. It is a love inconceivable and utterly crazy to some, but awe-inspiring to see. Infinite Love loves Infinite Love infinitely.

Can you love the Father, without the Son?

How can you love the Father without the Son? And how can you love the only-begotten Son, without also loving the Father, since they are one in Spirit (Jn 17:22-23)? It is the Son who reveals the Father (Mt 11:27), but it is the Father who draws us toward the Son (Ps 110:1).

Moreover, the Son lives in the Father’s Heart, while the Father lives in His Son, through the Spirit. You cannot have one without the other. Who rejects the Father, rejects the Son, and who rejects the Son as the only-begotten of God, rejects the Father who begot Him.

Father God or “Mother?”

Photo: Alexei Boitsov

There is no “Mother God.” Only Father God exists; that is, God the Almighty Father. God the Unbegotten. This bears repeating. God willed Himself to be a Father, not mother – for that, He gave us Our Lady, the Theotokos.

There is no “mother earth,” either. The earth is created, not creator. It cannot ‘beget’ anything unless willed to do so by God.

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