What is God the Father like? – Brief response to a question

The question was asked, “What is God the Father like?” Several names and adjectives can be used to describe how our Father is. In fact, many descriptions of the Heavenly Father exist in Scripture and the writings of various saints and scholars. But none of them suffice to describe Him in His entirety as, being God, He is infinite and ultimately unknowable in His essence; His nature. What follows, Continue reading “What is God the Father like? – Brief response to a question”

NEW RELEASE – The Divine Family: Experiential Narratives

The Divine Family.jpg Resized to 800 pxThe Apostolate of the Divine Heart announces the publication of its latest book titled The Divine Family: Experiential Narratives. The book is available directly from the publisher and the online bookseller Amazon. For those outside the US, you can obtain the book either from the respective Amazon sites or directly from the distributors.

In The Divine Family: Experiential Narratives, the lived experiences of the author with the Members of the Divine Family and others are presented openly in print for the first time. These experiences occurred from 2010 through 2012. Written predominantly in a dialogical narrative style suitable for believers and non-believers alike, the author chronicles first-hand some of her personal experiences with the archangels Michael and Raphael; demons and Satan, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God the Father.  Continue reading “NEW RELEASE – The Divine Family: Experiential Narratives”

Preview video of new release – The Divine Family: Experiential Narratives

The sweetness of God the Father – Reblogged by request

Many in our post-Christian day and age think God the Father is a myth who should be confined to the historical books of Scripture, since these are regarded by many as socio-cultural constructions of meaning rather than the Word of God. Others believe the Eternal One is personally inaccessible, having spoken through the prophets and His Son, Jesus Christ, in centuries past, whereas others Continue reading “The sweetness of God the Father – Reblogged by request”

The sweetness of God – Thought for the day

He is sweet, inexpressibly sweet; with a delicate sweetness which shall never compare to all earthly sweetness combined. No one exists like Him. He is sweet and He is Love. Try Him and you will find out; there is nothing to fear. You can tell Him anything you wish – with respect. All He desires is intimacy with you; it is all He ever wanted. So why not try Him and give Him a chance? You will discover the nature of true sweetness.