The humble Father – 2

He begs and He waits. Then He begs and begs again. Yet we do not listen, for we prefer not to change. The humility of our Father is such that He keeps on begging us to show Him a scrap of love – yes, He literally begs us, creatures of His own handiwork. Yet for many, they choose to keep on saying “no.” How we wound His tender Heart; incomparable, intense love at its very core! Yet He keeps on begging us and waiting as the infinitely humble Father that He is.

The humble Father

How humble is God our Father, coming Himself to beg His children on earth to return to Him; to return to live in His loving bosom – His Divine Will. How infinitely beautiful is His humility, as is His love. And He never imposes; He asks. Yet we do not consider this extreme humility of the Father, incomparable in nature given who He is, as we remain intent on focusing on ourselves. Continue reading “The humble Father”

What is God the Father like? – Brief response to a question

The question was asked, “What is God the Father like?” Several names and adjectives can be used to describe how our Father is. In fact, many descriptions of the Heavenly Father exist in Scripture and the writings of various saints and scholars. But none of them suffice to describe Him in His entirety as, being God, He is infinite and ultimately unknowable in His essence; His nature. What follows, Continue reading “What is God the Father like? – Brief response to a question”

Being a little child in the Father’s sight

God our Father loves souls who are little, for it is when we are as children in His regard that He can function as Father without restraint; letting His majesty, glory and greatness take precedence in our lives without hindrance from ourselves. Being and remaining little is not easy, though, since it goes against the grain of our socialization. Many of us were taught to be winners, not to be losers Continue reading “Being a little child in the Father’s sight”

The humility of the Father – Thought for the day

God the Father is everything and owns everything as the Creator. Yet He is humble because He does not need to be otherwise. It is His joy to become small for us, to reduce Himself to our level, so we do not remain afraid of Him and can become close to Him as our Father.