Infinite Joy – 4

God the Almighty Father is infinite Joy: joy that, the kind of which we generally experience here on earth, pales woefully in comparison. In fact, the joy that we experience down here is not even the minutest shadow of what He Is. For Our Father is sheer Joy by nature. Continue reading “Infinite Joy – 4”

God the Father: Infinite Joy – Thought for the day

Joy – Infinite Joy – is His Name and the very nature of His Essence. And yet, do we want joy in our lives or do we want, at some level, to be and remain discontented to say the least? Many of us seek joy, in every place and at every moment of our lives. Yet are we seeking Joy in the right place? For only in Our Father will the core of our beings, our souls and Continue reading “God the Father: Infinite Joy – Thought for the day”

Infinite Love and Joy – 3

God the Father, Who Is Infinite Love Himself, comes to us openly bearing His Divine Heart, pleading with us like the Eternally solicitous Father that He Is to return to Him, so that He can tightly hold us in His Divine Embrace and shower us increasingly with His Love throughout the upheavals of this world. Upheavals which are only going to increase in both Continue reading “Infinite Love and Joy – 3”

The cradle of Infinite Love and Joy

Living ongoingly in the Divine Heart of God the Father is to live in a sweet cradle of Infinite Love while still on earth. An indissoluble union of adoration, love, joy and bliss, while in the midst of the suffering of our toil. In fact, in our Father’s Divine Heart we find Continue reading “The cradle of Infinite Love and Joy”