Who is God the Father? – 7 – Infinite Love

God the Father is Infinite LoveJust Love. Love in being, flowing incessantly from the Core of His Divine Heart: the very Heart of the Holy Trinity. Most profound and boundless Love, incomparable and unimaginable. Profundity and boundlessness, only truly known and understood by experiencing Him: that is by living in Him and with Him, for Him and Continue reading “Who is God the Father? – 7 – Infinite Love”

The Divine Providence

The providence of God the Father knows no bounds: even out of sheer evil He Is always able to bring about good for ourselves, especially with regard to our relationship with Him and the fate of our eternal souls. Never does He let a soul spiritually die unless that soul specifically chooses to do so out of their own free will. And even in that circumstance Continue reading “The Divine Providence”

Loving Our Father

When we decide from the depths of our hearts to live in God the Father’s Divine Will out of genuine love for Him in the first instance, rather than for purely selfish reasons (that is to primarily obtain graces for ourselves), the Infinite Love that Is in Our Father’s Divine Heart cannot then resist granting us everything that we may need and then some! Regardless of Continue reading “Loving Our Father”

The tenderness of our Father’s Divine Heart

The immense tenderness and intense love that emerge from God our Father’s Divine Heart for us, His children on earth, have to be felt to be truly known. He is the most tender, intensely loving but firm Father, never pushing any of us beyond what we can endure in the present moment, although He continually but progressively Continue reading “The tenderness of our Father’s Divine Heart”

The state of the world and our souls

“The world is dead, the world needs My Love” (5/25/10)

Questions to ponder: Why are we staying away? Why do we hard-heartedly keep on denying both Our Father and ourselves the ultimate desire of His Divine Heart? When Infinite Mercy, Life, Love, Continue reading “The state of the world and our souls”

The love and mercy of the Divine Heart

The love and mercy of the Divine Heart of God our Father are infinite toward His children on earth, but His mercy is sweeter and more tender than His love. Every time we commit venial sin, we forfeit some degree of relationship with our Father because sinning is, in essence, distancing ourselves from  Continue reading “The love and mercy of the Divine Heart”