What does it mean to be a child of God?

To be a child of God means to be an adoptive member of the Divine Family.

When we become children of the living God by taking steps to rediscover our true heritage and giving the Almighty Father our fiat with sincerity of heart, in essence and in fact, we become adoptive members of the Divine Family. The Family – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and, yes, even the Mother* – take us in. They take us into Their Hearts and envelop us in Their bosom, showering us with all we need to become gods by grace (2 P 1:4; Ps 82:6).  Continue reading “What does it mean to be a child of God?”

The softness of God the Father – Reblogged by request

God the Father is the Almighty Creator, the Alpha and Omega of the universe. Yet His softness is remarkable and tenderness unmistakeable in His intimate daily dealings with His children. Soft – a softness and tenderness unmatched elsewhere – can be said to best describe our Father within the function of His Paternality and Parentality. Gently caressing, infinitely loving and firmly  Continue reading “The softness of God the Father – Reblogged by request”

Our Father desires our hearts

God our Almighty Father – Infinite Love in Persona – desires our hearts, our love. What are we going to do? Are we ready to open up to Him, so that He can welcome us into His Divine Heart with unbridled joy? Or are we going to keep on living as we are, with no changes at all? What is it going to be?

The Divine Love – Thought for the day

The Divine Love – God the Father in His Majesty and Splendor, Truth and Infinity – intensely desires to penetrate into, and reside fully, in our beings; in the very hearts of our souls. But are we ready to let Our Father come and reside in us as His little, pure, living temples – little lilies – here on earth? In both essence and fact becoming little cities, the Continue reading “The Divine Love – Thought for the day”

What Our Father has always wanted

God the Father has always desired to have our heartfelt love. No more, no less. He has both wanted and keeps on deeply and intensely wanting – and waiting for – our love, from the very core of our beings, so that He can rejoice in us and we can reciprocally delight and joyfully rejoice in Him as our real Father Who He Is. However we keep on insisting, both to Continue reading “What Our Father has always wanted”

More from Our Father – 6 – The Divine Provider

“I want you to turn to Me for everything. I want you to depend solely on Me for I Am your Father. No one else but Me. I will provide you with everything you need because I Am a loving Father. With Me you will never lack for anything. I take care of all My children (…) Come refresh your spirit in Continue reading “More from Our Father – 6 – The Divine Provider”

The deepest desire of Infinite Love

Our Father profoundly desires in the Core of His Divine Heart to come and live in us, in the hearts of our souls. Shall we decide to say “yes” and accept Him, therefore, becoming the living arks on earth of the Ark Himself and facilitating the descent from Heaven of the New Israel? Or are we going to continue obstinately in our not-so-savory ways, in essence Continue reading “The deepest desire of Infinite Love”

Winning Our Father’s Heart – Thought for the day

The key toward completely winning over God the Father’s Divine Heart is in being and living with Him, with a genuine attitude of childlike simplicity.

The Infinite Love of Our Father’s Divine Heart – Thought for the day

Come and drink from My Heart. My Heart is open for all those who seek to live in it” (12/23/10).

The Divine Heart of God the Father is patiently and lovingly waiting for all of us to return, that is to return to live in His Divine Will. The door to His Heart is wide open to inundate us with His Heavenly Peace, Life, Joy, Love, Continue reading “The Infinite Love of Our Father’s Divine Heart – Thought for the day”

Unrequited Love – 2

The love emerging from God the Father’s Divine Heart is infinite and incessant toward each one of us down here on earth. Therefore why do we continue to so stubbornly insist on staying away from Him? Our Father desires intimacy – true intimacy – and union with every single one of us. An intimacy of both union and fusion capable of being achieved Continue reading “Unrequited Love – 2”

The Third Ark – 3 – The loneliness in the Ark

Patiently we sit here waiting on our own, all alone in that Ark which will take us safely through the Third Passover to that haven known as Peace. Yet despite the Ark door being flung wide open, only few desire to come in. For neither do most care, nor do they want to know about the Ark. Some think that it is not yet time, that there is much more time left. While others think that it Continue reading “The Third Ark – 3 – The loneliness in the Ark”

Fidelity – 3 – Thought for the day

When we return to God the Father’s embrace by deciding to give ourselves to Him, shall we remain faithful to Him? That is shall we remain within Our Father’s Divine Will this time around? Or shall we betray the Love of Our Father’s Heart once again, like we have previously done so many times, once the tests of our fidelity arise no matter what they may entail? And the tests will arise, with ever-increasing frequency and severity, for the sifting the Mystical Body has begun.