Our One, True and Only God

The eternal Life, the eternal Love; eternal Light and eternal Bliss. Our One, True and only God. Our Father forever, our Father in eternity, regardless of whether we accept Him as such or not, in our daily lives. No other god compares, no other idol comes Continue reading “Our One, True and Only God”

The Divine Love – Thought for the day

The Divine Love – God the Father in His Majesty and Splendor, Truth and Infinity – intensely desires to penetrate into, and reside fully, in our beings; in the very hearts of our souls. But are we ready to let Our Father come and reside in us as His little, pure, living temples – little lilies – here on earth? In both essence and fact becoming little cities, the Continue reading “The Divine Love – Thought for the day”

What Our Father has always wanted

God the Father has always desired to have our heartfelt love. No more, no less. He has both wanted and keeps on deeply and intensely wanting – and waiting for – our love, from the very core of our beings, so that He can rejoice in us and we can reciprocally delight and joyfully rejoice in Him as our real Father Who He Is. However we keep on insisting, both to Continue reading “What Our Father has always wanted”

Intimacy with God

He Is both the Creator, the Alpha and the Omega of the universe, and the Father of each and every one of us. As such, He deeply desires intimacy with us in the very Core of His Divine Heart, the heart of His bosom. Yet how many of us really desire intimacy with Our Father, that is true intimacy from the very depths of our hearts? Nothing gives God the Father Continue reading “Intimacy with God”

Loving Our Father – 4 – Thought for the day

The Divine Heart of God the Father cannot resist us and our prayer pleas to Him, when we show Him genuine love – that is true filial love – from the very depths of our beings. And yet how many of us are willing and ready to do this? How many of us truly believe that we are capable of doing this? Many of us who believe in God deep down do not Continue reading “Loving Our Father – 4 – Thought for the day”

More from Our Father – 6 – The Divine Provider

“I want you to turn to Me for everything. I want you to depend solely on Me for I Am your Father. No one else but Me. I will provide you with everything you need because I Am a loving Father. With Me you will never lack for anything. I take care of all My children (…) Come refresh your spirit in Continue reading “More from Our Father – 6 – The Divine Provider”

The greatest gift we can give Our Father – Thought for the day

The greatest gift that we can give God the Father during our lifetime on earth is that of our wholehearted obedience to His Divine Will, as manifested to us in and through the desires of His Divine Heart. And yet how many of us have failed, and continue to unhesitatingly and regularly fail, to give Our beloved Father such a gift out of a variety of factors, the foremost Continue reading “The greatest gift we can give Our Father – Thought for the day”

The deepest desire of Infinite Love

Our Father profoundly desires in the Core of His Divine Heart to come and live in us, in the hearts of our souls. Shall we decide to say “yes” and accept Him, therefore, becoming the living arks on earth of the Ark Himself and facilitating the descent from Heaven of the New Israel? Or are we going to continue obstinately in our not-so-savory ways, in essence Continue reading “The deepest desire of Infinite Love”

The love of the creature for her God

The creature, the soul, to whom God the Father deigns to cast His Eyes upon and manifest Himself to as Infinite Love, in His most tender Mercy, desires to do nothing other than take Him completely unto herself. She desires, with a depth of desire previously unknown, to love Him with the entirety of herself: that is with all of her mind, heart, body, soul, spirit, Continue reading “The love of the creature for her God”

Who Is God the Father? – 8 – Order and Peace

God the Father Is the Order and Peace of creation, that is of the entire universe, and where He Is truly welcomed – hence present – no disorder and conflict can exist. Because part of the intrinsic nature of Our Father Is Order, true order is that Divine construction of ourselves and everything else in the universe that we are continually seeking to Continue reading “Who Is God the Father? – 8 – Order and Peace”

The keys to Our Father’s Heart

Childlike simplicity and/or innocence, filial trust knowing that since God the Father Is Almighty and Benevolent, He will provide us with what we really need at the time we need it, and that it can never cause us spiritual harm. A willingness to do our very level best to abandon ourselves in His Hands, despite the fear of so many of us to do so. Genuine Continue reading “The keys to Our Father’s Heart”

Infinite Love – 2

Stepping into the Divine Will of God the Father by voluntarily and deliberately acceding to enter into His Divine Heart, in both essence and fact we enter to live in His ocean of Infinite Love. We become fully immersed in It, clothed with It from head to toe, with such Love penetrating and arousing every fibre of our being; thus serving as an ongoingly multicolored Continue reading “Infinite Love – 2”