The Three Hearts – 1 – Living with the Divine Family

Only in and through the Three Hearts are we going to be able to enter into the New Jerusalem, because in denying or neglecting one of the Hearts as many of us have both done and keep on doing, we are denying the essential reality of the infinite mystical interwoveness of the Three Hearts. That is of the Divine Heart of God the Father, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Continue reading “The Three Hearts – 1 – Living with the Divine Family”

A Gift to humanity – 9

The Consecration to God the Father

The Consecration to God the Father is a new prayer (Consecration Prayer [henceforth called short form] of 6/14/10 in the Devotion to the Divine Heart of God the Father, 2010; Holy Octave of Purification and Consecration [henceforth called long form] in St Andrew’s Productions, 2008) that can effectively slay the heresy of the 21st century – that is the lies  Continue reading “A Gift to humanity – 9”

The grief of the Divine Family

Pierced with sorrow and grief are the Three Hearts of the Divine Family at the unceasing spiritual loss of all those of us who either do not wish to know Them, or stubbornly persist in remaining away from Their Love. The Divine Heart of God the Father, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary are pierced with an arrow, through and Continue reading “The grief of the Divine Family”

The Father on the Cross with His Son: Infinite Love

God the Father was both in His Kingdom and present on the Cross more than two thousand years ago when Jesus was crucified, despite our ongoing disregard for, and denial of, this reality. In fact Our Father was, in essence, on the Cross in Spirit. As the Father Who Is Infinite Love, in the Core of His Divine Heart God the Father experienced great anguish Continue reading “The Father on the Cross with His Son: Infinite Love”

The Reign of the Father – 1

The upcoming Glorious (Eucharistic) Reign is the coming on earth of the heavenly Jerusalem (Rv. 21:1-27). However it is also the Reign of God the Father, the Reign of His Divine Will, and the Reign of the Divine Family, in the era of the Holy Spirit. Thus the upcoming Reign of the Father, with and in all of His children on earth serving as living Tabernacles Continue reading “The Reign of the Father – 1”

A fusion of Hearts

From the Core of the Divine Heart of God the Father radiates and emerges all Light, Life and Love, because He is the Creator. It is also the Heart of the Most Holy Trinity. It is from this Core that can be considered the ‘heart’ of the Divine Heart that the Father is united in Oneness with His Son’s Sacred Heart, through the binding unity of the Holy Spirit Who Continue reading “A fusion of Hearts”