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Description of God the Father – 1


The Illumination of Conscience and the Father of Mercies

GodtheFather7You came that weekday afternoon with Your only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ, after You decided to grant me the illumination of conscience a few days after I completed the octave of purification and consecration to You. Never did I expect anything to happen when I decided a week earlier, on a whim, to do the latter; especially as I made it a point of making a general confession before starting the octave. But You had other plans.

Without prior warning as I was sitting quietly reading that afternoon, You suddenly appeared a couple of feet above me together with Your Son, to Your right; while Your Spirit showed me with immutable clarity, Continue reading “Description of God the Father – 1”

What is the meaning of illumination of conscience? – Response to a question

Together with purification and deification, illumination is “the reception of an understanding of the Godhead” (Dionysus the Aeropagite, CH VII.3.209C).

The illumination of conscience is a grace of mercy given by God the Father and a process whereby one sees everything they did or did not do, said or did not say, throughout their life in the light of the truth who is Christ; and all those sins which were not absolved (not recalled by God anymore) through the sacrament of reconciliation.  Continue reading “What is the meaning of illumination of conscience? – Response to a question”

The signs of the times – 19 – The heresy of Pe’or is repeated in our times

The very same method (as Pe’or) will be used by the tormentor, in order that all would wear on themselves the imprint of the beast (St Ephraim the Syrian)

The heresy of Pe’or is being repeated in our times, to capture into bondage the souls of as many people as possible through mortal sin – sin which severs our relationship with God and kills the divine life, grace, in the soul. Read about the heresy of Pe’or thoroughly, so that you will know and understand how it is being presently re-enacted and what follows.


God our Father weeps – Thought for the day

God our Father loves us infinitely, because it is His nature to do so. But precisely because He loves us in this way Our Father weeps, because we cause His Divine Heart great distress and anguish with our ongoing indifference toward Him and His Divine Family.

Description of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God – 2


The Virgin Mary, evil spirits and the Sacrament of Confession

You came out of your large statue which lies right above the tabernacle in the church which bears your name, when I was unknowingly surrounded by some evil spirits that Saturday afternoon while awaiting my turn in line to go to confession. I was already nervous at being there despite the priest-confessor being very good and thorough, kind and gentle, as it was only the second time I was attending after not having been for a significant period of time. Sitting in the pew waiting, I was hoping against hope that the person before me would get their confession over and done with, so that I could get in and out as quickly as possible. I had purposely sat at the end of the pew so if I felt I could not make it, I would be able to leave easily – hopefully unnoticed and without disturbing other people.  Continue reading “Description of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God – 2”

How we are calling down the Wrath and Judgment of God the Father

In this day and age, we have gotten quite used to rationalizing away everything that we do as acceptable, with the rationalizations that we come up with taking all shapes, sizes and colors – the more, the merrier. However, no matter who may say what where, the stark reality is that the following activities of ours still call down upon us, our families, communities, societies and nations Continue reading “How we are calling down the Wrath and Judgment of God the Father”

The call – 2

“And being asked by the Pharisees when the Kingdom of God was to come, He answered them and said, ‘The Kingdom of God does not come with observation. Neither shall they say: Behold there, or behold here! For lo, the Kingdom of God is within you.’ And He said to His disciples, ‘The days will come when you desire to see one day of the Son of man. And you shall not see it. And they Continue reading “The call – 2”

The call

“The two angels came to Sodom in the evening and Lot was sitting in the gate of the city. And seeing them, he rose up and went to meet them, and worshipped prostrate on the ground. And he said: ‘I beseech you, my lords, turn in to the house of your servant and lodge there. Wash your feet and in the morning you shall go on your way.’ And they said: ‘No, rather we will spend the night in Continue reading “The call”

Breeches in love

It is customary when going to Confession, to carry out an examination of conscience beforehand – and the more thorough, the better. However, to genuinely engage ourselves in the process, hopefully eliciting sincere contrition for our sins and not just go mechanically through “a set of rules,” some may find it helpful to also ask themselves a few simple questions:  Continue reading “Breeches in love”

Meaning of the Illumination of Conscience – Illumination and sin

The illumination of one’s soul, better known as the illumination of conscience, is in essence and fact the healing of the soul that is ill, for it entails reopening the heart of the soul, the nous, to God the Father and His Truth, Jesus Christ; hence, to Knowledge – true (interior, experiential) knowledge – of God, after it has been closed and repeatedly Continue reading “Meaning of the Illumination of Conscience – Illumination and sin”

The pierced wound in Our Father’s Divine Heart

God the Father pleads with us but we prefer not to listen, He begs us to return to Him but we coldly shove Him aside. He does everything that He can so as to fan a speck of love from us, yet we continue finding satisfaction – perverse satisfaction – in remaining stone-faced and granite-hearted. Our Father has shown us His Divine Heart, a tangible symbol of His Love for us, Continue reading “The pierced wound in Our Father’s Divine Heart”