Purification – The ascent

Purification in the desert is an ascent, for all our untoward attachments are removed so the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – can come and live in us. If we are not thoroughly purified this way, how can we open ourselves up sufficiently for Them to come and live in us with power and might? Perfect light and life cannot dwell where darkness resides. This is why we are presently being Continue reading “Purification – The ascent”

The true meaning of living in the Era of Peace

How shall we be living in the era of peace, after the great Chastisement has been fulfilled? Unlike for many, if not most, of us living presently in the era of the flesh, during the era of peace we will be living thoroughly spiritualized lives – lives we cannot even begin to conceive of, right now – because the said era will, in effect, be the era of the Reign of the Father, in the intensely Eucharistic  Continue reading “The true meaning of living in the Era of Peace”

Sainthood – The call to holiness in our particular times

These days many, if not most, of us tend to consider ourselves lucky if we manage to get ourselves to Purgatory. And this statement, unfortunately, applies also to priests, many of whom are setting the bar too low, by focusing primarily on the basics without concurrently retaining the fullness of deification in mind. But this is erroneous thinking for it is not what Our Father had in mind for us, Continue reading “Sainthood – The call to holiness in our particular times”