The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 23

The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father: Part 4 – More Evidence Supporting the Icon and Devotion to the Divine Heart

Below is more evidence supporting and shedding more light on both the icon and the Devotion to the Divine Heart of God the Father. The following statements below are taken from Seeing with the eyes of the soul (St Andrews Productions, 2009). Reportedly, these Continue reading “The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 23”

The Era of the 8th Day – 8 – the New Israel

“I will always show you, I will always lead you, and I will always guide you. You will be My children and I will be your Father. Give them everything I give you, in order that they may know” (8/19/10).

“On this mountain, for all peoples, Yahweh Sabaoth is preparing a banquet of rich food, a banquet of fine wines, of succulent Continue reading “The Era of the 8th Day – 8 – the New Israel”

The Era of the 8th Day – 6 – the Divine Light and the Coming of the Kingdom

Infinite Love – the Divine Light Himself – desires to live both with us and, most especially, in us; in the very heart of our souls. But do we want Him to do so? Or do we prefer to continue living our lives as we presently are, in order not to change? Oh, if only we knew and understood what truly awaits us in our current Continue reading “The Era of the 8th Day – 6 – the Divine Light and the Coming of the Kingdom”

The Coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will

The coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will of God the Father – the descent from Heaven of the New Jerusalem – has commenced. But who among us is willing to become ready, or is indeed ready, to enter into it? Peace, Love, Joy, and Happiness – the peace, love, joy, and happiness of Heaven itself – are the characteristics of the New Jerusalem as, who lives Continue reading “The Coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will”

The Three Hearts – 1 – Living with the Divine Family

Only in and through the Three Hearts are we going to be able to enter into the New Jerusalem, because in denying or neglecting one of the Hearts as many of us have both done and keep on doing, we are denying the essential reality of the infinite mystical interwoveness of the Three Hearts. That is of the Divine Heart of God the Father, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Continue reading “The Three Hearts – 1 – Living with the Divine Family”

Consecration to the Divine Heart of God the Father

Upon consecration to God the Father, in both essence and fact we automatically become consecrated to (1) His Divine Heart, (2) His Divine Will, and (3) Infinite Love; because all three are an intricate and never-ending part of each other. Through being and living in Infinite Love by means of our voluntary and deliberate union of wills, Continue reading “Consecration to the Divine Heart of God the Father”

The Chastisement – 5

“Behold the days of the Lord shall come and thy spoils shall be divided in the midst of the. And  will gather all nations to Jerusalem to battle and the city shall be taken, and the houses shall be rifled, and the women shall be defiled. Half the city shall go forth into captivity and the rest of the people shall not be taken away out of the city. Continue reading “The Chastisement – 5”

A Gift to humanity – 9

The Consecration to God the Father

The Consecration to God the Father is a new prayer (Consecration Prayer [henceforth called short form] of 6/14/10 in the Devotion to the Divine Heart of God the Father, 2010; Holy Octave of Purification and Consecration [henceforth called long form] in St Andrew’s Productions, 2008) that can effectively slay the heresy of the 21st century – that is the lies  Continue reading “A Gift to humanity – 9”

The living arks of the Covenant

When we give ourselves to Our Father, we literally become living arks of the living God, changing the intrinsic nature of our relationship with Him from being simply people of God to actively becoming children of God. During the Old Testament era, God the Father actively dwelt on earth among the Israelites in the Ark of the Covenant. That is Continue reading “The living arks of the Covenant”

Returning Home to the Father – Thought for the day

Living in the Divine Heart of God the Father is our return Home to the Father because then we live in Him and He lives in us. Living in Our Father’s Heart is both remedy and protection: that is remedy for all the evils of this world and Our Father’s Benevolent protection for our souls.

The Reign of the Father – 1

The upcoming Glorious (Eucharistic) Reign is the coming on earth of the heavenly Jerusalem (Rv. 21:1-27). However it is also the Reign of God the Father, the Reign of His Divine Will, and the Reign of the Divine Family, in the era of the Holy Spirit. Thus the upcoming Reign of the Father, with and in all of His children on earth serving as living Tabernacles Continue reading “The Reign of the Father – 1”

Who Is God the Father? – 3

Sitting atop of all Creation in His Heavenly Kingdom, Is God the Father Who holds us safely in His Divine Heart when we decide to enter. Placing us close, very close, to the Core of His Light, Life, and Love to keep us safely ensconced in His Heart and Will. Safe from the endless despicable schemes and attacks of the enemy, with the ravages that ensue in every aspect of our Continue reading “Who Is God the Father? – 3”