Distribution of Graces

Everything He has is ours – Thought for the day

Everything that Our glorious Father has is ours, for the taking, if we are willing to ask Him for it while living in Him – while living in His Divine Heart and Will. Our Father is infinitely rich: He has everything, He owns everything. But do we, in reality, want the infinite riches of Our Father, even though many of us ceaselessly claim to be heirs to His Kingdom? Our Father wants to give us (more…)

The Divine Family

Seated on His throne, in all the splendor of His radiant Light and adored by the heavenly hosts, is God the Father; Creator of the universe, indescribably beautiful and majestic, as always. Standing to His right is Jesus Christ, with a grave look on His face and a scepter in His right hand, whereas standing to Christ’s right in turn is the Virgin Mary(more…)

The Beauty of Infinite Love

Firm and tender, irreplaceably sweet, and gently caressing Is the Beauty of Infinite Love. Wrapping up solidly in His vast, undying Embrace all those who desire and seek Him with genuineness in their hearts. Never as before now, subsequent to the Old Testament era, has Infinite Love made Himself so felt and available to all in His First Person. Flinging wide  (more…)

The distribution of graces by the Divine Family

When graces are distributed to a soul, it is God the Father who grants such graces and the rest of the Divine Family agree or intercede. Thus, graces reach us in this manner: our Father gives the grace required or requested to Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, since Christ is the administrator. Then because both Christ and the rest of the Trinity have (more…)