The pierced Heart of the Father – 2

We have pierced His Divine Heart with our sins. But, above all, with our ongoing refusal to return to Him. What is it going to take, for us to realize the extent to which we have pierced our Father’s tender Heart? He loves and grieves, precisely because He loves with an intensity you cannot begin to conceive. When are we going to console our Father, soothe the grief in the very Core of Continue reading “The pierced Heart of the Father – 2”

God our Father weeps – Thought for the day

God our Father loves us infinitely, because it is His nature to do so. But precisely because He loves us in this way Our Father weeps, because we cause His Divine Heart great distress and anguish with our ongoing indifference toward Him and His Divine Family.

The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 23

The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father: Part 4 – More Evidence Supporting the Icon and Devotion to the Divine Heart

Below is more evidence supporting and shedding more light on both the icon and the Devotion to the Divine Heart of God the Father. The following statements below are taken from Seeing with the eyes of the soul (St Andrews Productions, 2009). Reportedly, these Continue reading “The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 23”

The pierced wound in Our Father’s Divine Heart

God the Father pleads with us but we prefer not to listen, He begs us to return to Him but we coldly shove Him aside. He does everything that He can so as to fan a speck of love from us, yet we continue finding satisfaction – perverse satisfaction – in remaining stone-faced and granite-hearted. Our Father has shown us His Divine Heart, a tangible symbol of His Love for us, Continue reading “The pierced wound in Our Father’s Divine Heart”

Wounding Infinite Love – 3

Love – Infinite Love – is God the Father’s Name. Yet we do not hesitate to constantly wound Him, piercing the Core of His Divine Heart most cruelly. Why do we keep on being so intent on being selfish by thinking solely about ourselves, when we can both receive and give such joy and happiness – literally the Joy and Happiness of Heaven – by foregoing such behavior? Why do we, in other words therefore,  Continue reading “Wounding Infinite Love – 3”

Defending Our Father

How often do we stand with and for God the Father, that is acting like true children of His by defending Him privately and/or publicly to others, whenever the need arises? Something that is occurring most frequently in this day and age. How often do we omit to defend Our most beloved Father to others, out of fear of incurring sharp rejection and retaliation,  Continue reading “Defending Our Father”

The sorrow of Unrequited Love – 1

How often, and this during a single day, do we either actively or passively fail to truly and genuinely requite the Infinite Love of God the Father? That is how many times do we actually select, consciously or otherwise during one day, to prefer our own will over His Divine Will? How often therefore, during a day, do we proceed without any second thought to Continue reading “The sorrow of Unrequited Love – 1”

The Divine Providence

The providence of God the Father knows no bounds: even out of sheer evil He Is always able to bring about good for ourselves, especially with regard to our relationship with Him and the fate of our eternal souls. Never does He let a soul spiritually die unless that soul specifically chooses to do so out of their own free will. And even in that circumstance Continue reading “The Divine Providence”