In Thanksgiving and in Offering

“It is appropriate for you to offer Me everything back that I have given you because, in so doing, you glorify My having given them to you in the first place. And whenever you offer Me something, I will not be outdone in generosity; I will shower you with more graces” (5/29/10). Continue reading “In Thanksgiving and in Offering”

More from Our Father – 3 – His Divine Providence

“I will provide for all your needs, do not ever doubt My Providence. (…) I will take care of your every need. That does not mean that you will not suffer. But I will take care of your every need” (5/24/10)

This is what so many, if not most, of us need so sorely to understand: that it is God the Father Who Is the Provider for individuals, Continue reading “More from Our Father – 3 – His Divine Providence”

The keys to Our Father’s Heart

Childlike simplicity and/or innocence, filial trust knowing that since God the Father Is Almighty and Benevolent, He will provide us with what we really need at the time we need it, and that it can never cause us spiritual harm. A willingness to do our very level best to abandon ourselves in His Hands, despite the fear of so many of us to do so. Genuine Continue reading “The keys to Our Father’s Heart”

Who Is God the Father? – 6 – Beneficence

God the Father Is the Alpha and Omega of Divine Providence. Yet how many of us regularly take the time and interest to trustingly ask Him, in a truly filial manner, for what we personally need in each and every dimension of our lives? How many of us consider ourselves to be so adequately self-sufficient that we believe we certainly do not need anyone’s Continue reading “Who Is God the Father? – 6 – Beneficence”

The Divine Providence

The providence of God the Father knows no bounds: even out of sheer evil He Is always able to bring about good for ourselves, especially with regard to our relationship with Him and the fate of our eternal souls. Never does He let a soul spiritually die unless that soul specifically chooses to do so out of their own free will. And even in that circumstance Continue reading “The Divine Providence”