Fidelity – The key to the Father’s Heart

Fidelity in Christ is the key which opens the door to our Almighty Father’s Heart, as He is unable to resist the pleas and supplications of those who remain faithful to Him, especially when under duress. Love Him, therefore, above all else. Put His Will  before yours and ask Him for the grace of perseverance to retain your spiritual integrity. He will give you this grace without fail, as it Continue reading “Fidelity – The key to the Father’s Heart”

What is sin? – Response to a question

The question was asked, “What is sin?” The short answer is simple, though complicated for and by some due to their emphases on rationalization and subjectivity. Sin is anything that violates the commandments of love: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind. And you shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Mk 12:31; Lk 10:27).

Our Father in Heaven – Thought for the day

We have only One, True Father in Heaven: the Alpha and the Omega, the Creator of all mankind; our Eternal Father. Let us love Him, therefore, with all our hearts, souls, strength and minds (Lk 10:27). For only in Him is true joy, peace, love and happiness to be found.

The primacy of Our Father

Everything that we have and that we are come from God the Father. As Our Eternal Father and Creator, He made us. He both provided for us and continues to provide for us continually, right up to this very instance; looking out for our welfare even when we omit to do so ourselves. However in repayment we have neglected, marginalized, Continue reading “The primacy of Our Father”

Defending Our Father

How often do we stand with and for God the Father, that is acting like true children of His by defending Him privately and/or publicly to others, whenever the need arises? Something that is occurring most frequently in this day and age. How often do we omit to defend Our most beloved Father to others, out of fear of incurring sharp rejection and retaliation,  Continue reading “Defending Our Father”

Loving Our Father – 2 – Thought for the day

”You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind” (Dt. 6:5; Mt. 22:37).

Question to ponder: How often do we truly do this in our daily lives? Instead of coming up with all the ‘rational’ excuses that we can think of, in order to remain comfortably huddled in the corners of our  Continue reading “Loving Our Father – 2 – Thought for the day”

The disposition of our hearts

To what extent do we genuinely possess Love – that is the very Presence of God the Father – in the heart of our souls? And to what degree do we sincerely possess true love in our hearts, that is the love which is both reciprocal and reciprocates Infinite Love? Thus to what extent are we truly ready, at any given moment in the course of our daily lives, to set aside the incessantly Continue reading “The disposition of our hearts”

The sorrow of Unrequited Love – 1

How often, and this during a single day, do we either actively or passively fail to truly and genuinely requite the Infinite Love of God the Father? That is how many times do we actually select, consciously or otherwise during one day, to prefer our own will over His Divine Will? How often therefore, during a day, do we proceed without any second thought to Continue reading “The sorrow of Unrequited Love – 1”