A voice in the wilderness – 2

Love is not wanted anymore, despite all that He has given them throughout the centuries. Even the wandering animals He has created enter and sit with Him, unbidden, to keep Him company; to bask in His infinite love. But His people – His very own people – do not come, neither do they care whether others come. In fact, some of them would infinitely prefer it if the common people did not Continue reading “A voice in the wilderness – 2”

A voice in the wilderness – 1

There is not even the slightest spark of reverence in His Presence any longer. All is dead, despite the appearance of being alive, for love in the hearts of this people has grown cold and bitter. Love Himself is neglected and abandoned. Nothing is offered to Him, that He desires; only that which He does not desire – if anything. The flame of true love and true life has gone out in the hearts of this people, Continue reading “A voice in the wilderness – 1”

To the deaf, dumb and blind – the stones – of the world

Love exists no longer because the world has become extremely cold. Yet it does not need to be so, were you to return into God our Father’s arms. “Return, return” our Almighty Father says; indeed, He will set you completely free. Yet you neither listen nor return, because your heart has turned to stone.  Continue reading “To the deaf, dumb and blind – the stones – of the world”

He waits

GodtheFather7God our Father on His throne, protecting all creatures who turn to Him under His holy wings.

Infinite Love waits

God our Father waits for us to return to Him, to live in His divine bosom – Infinite and tender Love forever; where Christ Himself lives. Who would not want that? Yet many of us – so many of us – do not want to return, to both our Father and our God, because we prefer doing things our own way, as though we are completely sufficient unto ourselves. A myth if ever there was one. How long, Continue reading “Infinite Love waits”

God speaks

“God speaks first in one way, and then in another, although we do not realise it. In dreams and in night-visions, when slumber has settled on humanity and people are asleep in bed, He speaks in someone’s ear, frightens him with apparitions to turn him from what he is doing and to put an end to his pride. And thus He preserves his Continue reading “God speaks”

The tears for mankind

I shed tears for you, O mankind who does not want to listen. O hard of heart, O thick of hearing and sight. What is it going to take, for you to realize what you have done? What is it going to take, for you to realize that you have a Father? A Father who Continue reading “The tears for mankind”