The Consecration (Seal) Prayer to God the Father

According to the Father’s promises (2010), anyone who recites the above consecration prayer with a sincere heart, will receive His Seal for their soul. The Seal of the Father supercedes and annuls the mark, name, and number of the beast (Rv. 13). Please visit the Seal of God the Father page for further details.

The consecration prayer should be said in a state of grace. If one wishes to obtain the Father’s Seal, but is aware of not being in sanctifying grace, the sacrament of Confession should first received. An examination of conscience is available here. Otherwise, the prayer can be said, but with the honest intention of receiving the sacrament as soon as possible. The Seal can be renewed by reciting the consecration prayer daily, attending Mass, and receiving the Eucharist in a state of grace.


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