New litmus test and the de facto schism in the Catholic Church in America

Ubi Petrus, ibi Ecclesia, ibi Deus.

Given the Pope’s declaration of the inadmissibility of the death penalty in all cases and his instruction to revise the Catechism of Catholic Church in this regard, the de facto schism in the Catholic Church in the United States is now coming to the fore. It is going to be very easy for everyone to know who is truly still a faithful son or daughter of the Church and who is, in effect, part of the parallel church, the false church, that has been so undeniably set up, together with its parallel magisterium.

Already, overt rebellion is in the ranks, because many American Catholics refuse to accept that you do not kill people, no matter what they might have done. What is common sense even for children these days just seems to keep flying right over the heads and hearts of said Catholics, because they keep rejecting the humility needed to understand God and His desires for humanity – desires since the very beginning of time.

Thus, instead of admitting that God Himself preserved Qayin, the first human murderer, from capital punishment, they prefer to pridefully blame the Pope for “heresy” or a “rupture with continuity,” neither of which claims are grounded in any kind of hermeneutical reality. Such Catholics concurrently keep refusing to understand the workings of the prevenient grace of God, which at its most basic means that no validly-elected Pope, from the time of Peter through the Pope at the very end of all time, can ever fall into heresy (papal indefectibility). You can learn more about that here.

Ego sum cum Papa semper (Saint George Preca).

The acceptance of the above inadmissibility of capital punishment in this day and age is, therefore, going to be, for at least American Catholics (and many other Catholics primarily in the Anglo-Saxon world), the litmus test of their fidelity or infidelity to God and to the Catholic Church as founded by Jesus Christ.

If you want to discern whether someone belongs to the real Church or to the false church, just ask them if they support the death penalty. There is no confusion any more on this issue (Pope Francis has closed the loopholes), except for those who deliberately insist on remaining spiritually blind. You will be surprised at some of the responses you may get.

Pope Francis declares the death penalty inadmissible in all cases

Whosoever shall kill Qayin, shall be punished sevenfold. And the Lord set a mark upon Qayin, so that whoever found him should not kill him (Gn 4:15).

Pope Francis, elaborating the teachings of the Catholic Church on capital punishment and developing the teachings of Saint John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on the issue, has at last declared openly that “The Church teaches, in the light of the Gospel, that the death penalty is inadmissible because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person.” He has also instructed that the Catechism of the Catholic Church be accordingly updated (§2267).

To understand more about this long-due elaboration of the Faith and its grounded hermeneutic of continuity with previous teachings, you can read more at Is the Death Penalty Just? This addresses the issue of capital punishment from Blessed Paul XVI through the teachings of the Church up to the end of 2017.

The declaration of Pope Francis is of particular importance and implication in this day and age, given the barbaric nature of capital punishment that is still meted out without hesitation (if not with actual sadistic glee) in the United States – a punishment cheered-for by many American Catholics and White Evangelicals alike “in the Name of God” – because the US is still supposed to be the most ‘civilized’ country in the world.

Abuse in the Catholic Church in America

It is a topic quite in the news these days in the United States. But abuse in the Catholic Church in America is neither limited to clerics nor is it restricted to sexual abuse. For the perpetration of abuse, and serious abuse at that, is also to be found among ‘professional’ lay Catholics in the nation – Catholics who purport to teach the Faith to others. This includes those who are part of the Third Order Franciscans in the US, some of whom blog for conservative and ‘reputable’ Catholic mainstream media outlets.

For example, you will find among the above, with black-on-white evidence, men who claim to be lay missionaries and say the Liturgy of the Hours daily, to fulfil their Third Order obligations and “pursue holiness” – while telling women to go and prostitute their bodies for money (concurrently mocking their physical appearance), and to also commit self-abuse. And this even to women who are consecrated to God. These are men who, at the same time, love pontificating to anyone about the nature of mortal sin under the rubric of hamartiology.

You will find men – White, middle-class, ‘respectable’, (presumably) heterosexual, aging Catholic men (ergo privileged men) – who write repeatedly about the lives of the saints and how they find them inspirational – while, at the same time, threatening different kinds and levels of violence toward women in revenge, if (when) their threats are ignored; even lying without compunction to priests who do not know them personally, in an attempt to fraudulently extort large sums of money from their victims. Men who file false statements with multinationals under penalty of perjury and who threaten women with pennilessness and homelessness.

Men who receive the Eucharist – it must be said, given the above – to their own eternal damnation unless they attain the grace of genuine repentance. Laymen who attempt (in vain) to arrogate to themselves both the power and the authority of the institutional Church.

And you will find men who consider themselves ‘good Catholic gentlemen’ – while using all kinds of unrepeatable adjectival language toward women in what has been described as sadistic hate mail bordering on the level of psychological torture; also attempting (futilely) to blackmail others in order to gain one thing and one thing alone: money.

For Mammon is their god. Like the historical Judas Iscariot, only Mammon do they truly worship under their mask of public piety. Not the God of Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yakov, from whose Spirit none of the above behaviors come.

Poseurs and tartuffes, therefore. Hypocrites par excellence.

Fraudsters, as has been said by others who saw the evidence first-hand.

No better words describe such men. This is just the tip of the abuse iceberg, the rot, that is present among the Third Order Franciscans and the ‘professional’ lay Catholic class in the US.

And it needs to be cleaned out, once and for all.

Where is God? – A call to the Catholic Church in America

We all know about the latest sex abuse scandals at present emerging from the Catholic Church in the United States, especially in relation to senior, most influential clerics in the nation being involved this time not with minors, but with not-fully-consenting adults (ergo non-consenting); in particular, chronologically adult males. Reams upon reams of commentary and judgments have been written over the past couple of weeks in this regard, at every level of the Church in America (and even more). But in all the discourses on the above, one thing remained (and remains) missing, which is notable by its very lack. That one thing is:

Where is God in all this?

Why has there been zero reference by anyone, anywhere, to the causal relationship between impurity* and the fact that God cannot reside where the darkness of serious sin abides? (The sin of the sexual abuse itself and the sin of the abuse of power, to mention just the minimally obvious). Why has no one spoken of the grief that the abusers (a term here comprising both the abusers themselves and their omerta’-enabling peers) have caused not just to their victims, but also to God; the God Who is Immaculate?

Is it possible that no one cares?

In all the discourses set forth to date, every possible ramification of the above abuse has been discussed to death by the Church-at-large from every imaginable standpoint: legal, civil, moral, ethical, and so on. Yet, in a parallel manner to what happened originally with the Dallas Charter, all of these dimensions have been addressed from a purely humanistic context. None of them included even a mere mention – or even just a wink and a nod – about the direct, causal relationship outlined in the previous paragraph.

Why not?

How can you claim to be a voice for the Church – the voice of the Church, hence the voice for God – when you cannot acknowledge in public what you have done to God Himself, the Pure God, for the sake of power; personal and institutional power? Because, make no mistake, this is all about power; not about sexual abuse per se, which is egregious enough in itself, but about the deliberate abuse of power. The sexual abuse is just a first-order symptom, not a second-order cause. How can you perpetrate seemingly without hesitation, in public, one of the first sins of Adam – the deflection of your personal responsibility onto others in order to safeguard your hide/s?

Where is the role of grace in your lives and your cooperation with grace?

Silence is consent by the omission of speech to the contrary. The Church is not yours. It was given to you by God, for God and His people. It was never given to you, to become your personal playground. So, where is your accountability to God – the Father of all those you have abused by both your actions and lack of action? Has it not occurred to you that He is allowing all this to come to public light, because you have remained intransigent in your deliberate noncompliance with His desires for His people?

Do you not care one iota about how you have wounded Him and betrayed His trust?

Do you no longer believe?

*Not taken to mean only homosexual impurity as an ultra-conservative faction in the Church would like to reinterpret all of the above for their own personal-religiopolitical agenda.

More lies by the laity in the Catholic Church in America (2)

Some more lies being propagated by the laity, especially ‘professional’ Catholics, in the Church in America (and elsewhere):

  1. There is no hope for “evil” people to be saved, because they are evil. They will “never find rest in this life or the next”* – NOT. (A) No such thing as “evil people” exist, because every human person is made in the image of God. There is a major difference between image and likeness. (B) There is no such thing as “never” finding rest “in either this life or the next,” no matter one’s sinfulness and consequently fractured likeness, because God’s mercy is infinite and always trumps His justice. Yes, the mercy of God is a scandal to many, including to several ‘good’ Catholics. (C) Every person is given one last chance at the very moment of their passing;
  2. Atheists and “pagans” cannot be saved. Only “we Christians” can be saved** – NOT. (A) The Holy Spirit blows where He wills. Both baptism by desire and baptism by blood lead to the fullness of sanctifying grace and the removal of original sin, not just baptism by water. What may be invisible to men in the deepest recesses of the heart of man is neither invisible nor unacceptable to God. (B) Not all Christians are saved and finish the race well (cf. 2 Tim 4:7). It is easier for a good-willed atheist or pagan to reach Heaven than it is for a Christian or Catholic who is self-righteous. (C) See option C in #1 above;
  3. It is impossible for atheists and pagans to have good will and/or do good, because they do not know God – NOT. Because an atheist or a pagan (to use the same language) may not know God does not mean they cannot possess good will and/or do good. God, Who is the source of all good, has His image imprinted on their souls just the same as it is imprinted on the souls of Christians (see #1 above). Further, the natural order and natural law are similarly imprinted and present. Hence natural good will and goodness with its consequent acts can still be present;
  4. Only the baptized are children of God – NOT. (A) God is the Creator of every single person ever made and who will be made until the end of all time. In that sense He is their Father and they are His children. (B) It is true that for a human person to become a son/daughter of God by adoption, in the sense of becoming a partaker of the divine nature (2 P 1:4), one needs to have been baptized. However, that is not restricted to baptism by water (see #2 above).

*To make this claim, especially with impunity, is to commit the exact same sin of the chief priests in relation to Judas Iscariot. A sin born of hatred.

**To make this claim is to commit the sin parallel to that of the Pharisees in the time of Jesus Christ. A sin born of pride.

It is ironic that those who would write the most about hamartiology not infrequently end up committing those very same sins they tend to rail most loudly against. This is permitted, albeit not willed, by God to teach them humility.

Lies by the laity in the Catholic Church in America (1)

Below are some of the lies being propagated by a very vocal segment of the Catholic laity in the Church, particularly in America (and elsewhere). More lies will be addressed here as they arise, so that the sheep will not be taken in by the wolves who keep pretending to ‘save the Church’ from Herself:

  1. The entire hierarchy is “infested with demonic possession” – NOT. The Catholic Church is blessed with several priests who are, in fact, priests after the Divine Heart of God the Father. And they are not traditionalist either;
  2. Pope Francis “and his cronies continue to desecrate and annihilate our Christian heritage” – NOT. Just because they may not run the institutional Church according to your liking does not mean you are right;
  3. Pope Francis is visiting Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and discussing things with him about the Church, because the latter is still the one running the show, while the former is “just the legal Pope” – NOT. Pope Francis is not the proverbial puppet on a string, not to mention Benedict’s explicit and public commitment of obedience to Francis (not from Francis);
  4. The sacraments of the Catholic Church are “all being stripped of their supernatural dimension” – NOT. A physical impossibility as that dimension has been guaranteed by God Himself;
  5. The Catholic Church is “being coopted as a political rallying point for the formation of the New World Order” – NOT. If you are obsessed with two-party politics and ‘Armageddon’ scenarios, you will be capable of seeing nothing outside of that restrictive lens.
  6. “95% of Catholics are not Catholic” – NOT. Apart from the unsubstantiated figure, this is another physical impossibility. If you were baptized into the Catholic Church, you are Catholic whether you or anyone else likes it or not. That does not mean you are necessarily a ‘good Catholic.’ However, you remain Catholic nonetheless.

It never fails to amaze at how many tend to be taken in by the above, given how manifestly blatant such lies and deceptions are.

The coming of the Kingdom

Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Mt 6:10).

Many, especially in a not insubstantial part of the Catholic Church in America (particularly among the laity), are expecting and desiring a visible coming of the Kingdom of God on earth. But this is false and akin to the notion that Judas Iscariot originally had in desiring Christ to establish His kingdom on earth by overthrowing the Romans from their positions of power over Israel. It is the same mistake, the same fallacy; the same error.

It does not come from God.

The coming of the Kingdom in this intermediate time of humankind’s salvation history is internal, not external. There will be no flashing chariots of fire and visible multitudes of angels riding the clouds, with the King of Kings descending openly from the skies to, at last, separate the sheep from the goats. The coming at this point in time will be quiet, without fanfare.

It will be the descent of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon humanity; a gift of grace originally possessed in full by Saint Adam and that will be accepted by some, but rejected by others. And those who insist on deliberately rejecting this gratuitous gift of mercy from God will suffer – more so than those who accept it. None, however, will have any doubt as to what is happening, even though some will still attempt to ‘explain’ it away.

It will be the commencement of the eighth stage of the process of deification as outlined by Saint Peter of Damascus and the first two stages (of this eighth stage) as elaborated by Saint Gregory of Palamas. It will be the period that Saint Louis de Montfort referred to when he used the metaphor about the cedars of Lebanon towering above the little shrubs with regard to emerging saints of the period. Every single person on earth will see God within themselves, will know He is God, and will be free to either accept or reject Him.

Everyone will be given this chance, this choice. Believers and unbelievers alike.

Above all, however, the coming of the Kingdom will mark the process whereby Jews and Christians will at last be united. All the Churches will similarly re-unite and become One Church, as it was at the beginning of its history, under One God and Father; One Savior, the Redeemer, Jesus Christ; through the Holy Spirit. And the whole world shall witness the stupefying phenomenon, never before manifested, of

Let all of them be one as We are One (Jn 17:21).

The reign of the Divine Paternal Heart will come openly on earth.

What the Catholic Church is going through right now, both inside and outside of Herself, is just a necessary prelude to the above. No more, no less.

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The question has been asked, “What is a Christian’s divine inheritance?” The answer in a nutshell is, “To live forever in the bosom of the Most Holy Trinity.” That is what Christ gave us with His Passion, death, and Resurrection. Happiness, peace, joy, and love unparalleled for eternity. Something utterly inconceivable to many human persons and that was intended for us from the beginning.

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Ideologization of the Catholic Faith in America


The past few years, but with much greater intensity and pervasiveness over the last two years, there has been a strong ideologization of the Catholic Faith by the laity and “professional Catholics” (but not limited to them) in the United States for political and/or self-serving purposes. Many conservative Catholics, in particular the “Bible-thumpers” who go around attempting to ‘evangelize’ with Scripture in the one hand and guns in the other hand, have tried hijacking the Faith into a spiritual doppelgaenger of Trump’s Republican Party – proselytization for political ambition. Other Catholics, many of them liberal (but not all), have used it as ‘currency’ to overtly try currying favor with the ‘pro-lifers’ as anti-abortion, while in reality believing in nothing but themselves as “intellectually, morally, and spiritually superior” persons (little g gods) and covertly voting for Clinton and the Democratic Party – proselytization for monetary gain. Neither of the above, however, is genuine Catholicism; just garden-variety perversions of the Faith, which need to be explicated in order for the unaware or the insufficiently aware to have the choice of not falling headlong into their traps.

Opposite Sides of the Same Coin

The former camp loves to speak a lot about God and the Catholic Church, giving the impression of great piety and leadership in particular on social media, yet at heart and in fact dismisses as irrelevant core tenets of Catholic teaching. The latter camp also speaks a lot about God and the Church, giving the impression of great knowledge and scholarship, yet in the same way brackets as inadequately relevant other core tenets of the Catholic Faith. Neither camp presents the fullness and the comprehensiveness of the Faith in both justice and fairness to the Truth Who is Christ, the Truth they so profess to love, because neither of them finds the fullness of the Truth digestible or adequately suitable for their underlying respective agendas.

Where, therefore, is God and where is the Holy Spirit in all of the above? Can either camp truly lead people to Christ and to the Father if they insist on presenting just a partial truth, which is no truth at all?

One thing is clear. Both camps have attempted and keep on attempting to refashion both the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Church into their image, consequently trying to remake God Himself into their image and likeness and presenting that to the people (the literal inversion of the father of lies), instead of attempting to discover, with a modicum of humility, what God wants, which is to make them into His own image and likeness.

For those who fear the Father

There is nothing of which to be afraid. He is, first and foremost, a Father – the loving Father. Approach Him, talk to Him. Ask Him to give you the grace of letting you come to know Him.

He will give you this grace, because the deepest and most intense desire of His Divine Heart is that every individual on earth returns to live in Him, in order to be able to enjoy unparalleled happiness, joy, peace, and love for eternity.

The Father does not wish to lose even a single soul to the father of lies.