The love of the creature for her God

The creature, the soul, to whom God the Father deigns to cast His Eyes upon and manifest Himself to as Infinite Love, in His most tender Mercy, desires to do nothing other than take Him completely unto herself. She desires, with a depth of desire previously unknown, to love Him with the entirety of herself: that is with all of her mind, heart, body, soul, spirit, and blood. Yes, even blood if necessary. Literally fulfilling to the letter the greatest commandment of all that is the First Commandment (Ex. 20:2-3) – that Commandment whereby we are called to love God the Father more than our very own selves (Dt. 6:5; Mt. 22:37) – especially if the need to do so beyond reprieve should ever arise.

In fact the creature who has been so marked in her soul by Infinite Love, desires nothing more than to take her most beloved Father into her arms to console Him. To take away the pain that the world so mercilessly and ceaselessly inflicts upon Him. Intoxicated by Love Himself, the creature finds herself kissing her Father’s Divine Heart and Its most precious Core with a most fervent ardor and joy that cannot be accurately described. To manifest to Him – her most beloved Father – her love, gratitude, and thanksgiving for having deigned to make Himself known to her: her who is among one of His most undeserving creatures on earth.

Marked for eternity in this manner in and through her own free will, that is through her fiat to God the Father’s invitation – an invitation that Our Father is extending to all – the creature desires, at times beyond human relief, to make up for the great pain, sorrow, and wounds that her Father is continually forced to experience, despite His Infinite Love and Mercy. Pain, sorrow, and wounds inflicted upon Him, in the very Core of His Divine Heart, both in and through the sins of the creature herself, as well as through the sins of the world. That is sins of denial, betrayal, mockery, ridicule, rejection, and ultimately blasphemy. For there is no greater sin than blasphemy. Especially blasphemy against that ineffable Spirit of Our Father Who, in His own Person, emanates from the Core of God the Father’s Divine Heart. That very Core which is also the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for the Core of Our Father’s Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus are One.

The creature who becomes a child of the Father in this manner desires nothing else than to hold and kiss His Heart with immense tenderness, awe, and reverence. An awe arising from the fact that Our Father both wants and allows Himself to be effectively consoled by His children on earth. Reverence, tenderness, gentleness, and love that arise without fail from the very heart of the creature’s soul. That is precisely from that place where her Father has deigned to graciously descend to reside through His Holy Spirit and where He has marked her. That place in our souls which God the Father Himself arouses when He desires to be fully glorified by His creatures on earth.

The creature who experiences Infinite Love Himself, therefore, desires none other than to love her Father and Creator, in reparation for all the grief He Is continually forced to experience. She wants to soothe and console Him, wiping away all His sorrows and grief through her tears of reparation and love. Attempting in her own small, albeit not-negligible, way to make up to Our Father for the ceaseless neglect, abandonment, and betrayal endured at the hands of His own creatures. Creatures who are also her brethren. Thus does the soul who loves God the Father act. This is the love of a creature for her God.


The tears for mankind

I shed tears for you, O mankind who does not want to listen. O hard of heart, O thick of hearing and sight. What is it going to take, for you to realize what you have done? What is it going to take, for you to realize that you have a Father? A Father who loves you infinitely, even though you do not love Him and do not want to love Him. O hearts of granite, marble and stone, repent! O hearts rife with coldness, lukewarmness and indifference, do not wound Our Father any longer!

When are you going to realize Whom you are wounding? When are you going to realize that you are injuring, without measure, Him who created you and that you are wounding Him precisely in the very Core of His most Divine Heart? When are you going to realize what you have done and keep on persisting in doing, so as not to humble yourself by returning to Him who made you? Come back, come back to Him who gave you life! Come back to Him who gave you health and everything you have! Love knows no bounds, but He will not override your will. Come back, come back to Life and Love, before it is too late!


To the stones of the world

Love exists no longer now because the world has become extremely cold. And yet it would not need to be so, had you to return into God the Father’s arms. “Return, return” Our Father says; indeed He will set you completely free. Yet you neither return nor listen, because your heart has turned to stone.

What has the world bribed you with, to have made you sell your heart away? Money, power, and position? Or the vanity of your ‘true’ friends? Do you value life so cheaply, that you have thrown yourself away? Or is it that you are ‘considering,’ ever thinking but never doing?

Do you want Life? “I’ll give it to you,” Our Father says. Do you want Love? “I’ll give you more than you ever thought.” Do you want Freedom? Yes, oh yes, this with certainty you shall indeed have! And finally do you want Liberty? For even this you will completely get.

Yet you sure seem to want none of these, despite espousing that you do. Because you cannot even face yourself, you lie in depth to your very own self. At least be honest, friend, at least be completely honest with yourself! Because engaging in self-deceit is not good for the soul, despite claiming that you do not lie.

“I see right through you,” friend, yet you do not see yourself. Hence your trouble is believing, when believing is indeed seeing. Whatever you want Our Father will give it to you, insofar as you return. For only in returning will you ever be able to truly Live again.