The Reign of the Antichrist


  1. Faith and the future
  2. Do not be afraid
  3. Pray for grace – Nothing else will suffice
  4. The Consecration (Seal) Prayer to God the Father
  5. The Seal of God the Father
  6. St Gregory Palamas on why we need the Illumination of Conscience
  7. Why we were created
  8. The coming test – 1
  9. The coming test – 2
  10. St Nilus on the Mark of the Beast
  11. The coming and reign of the Antichrist
  12. The coming of the Antichrist – 2
  13. St Nilus on the Antichrist
  14. St Seraphim of Sarov on what we shall feel
  15. The forthcoming Fifth Seal of the Book of Revelation
  16. The upcoming Fifth Seal of Revelation as seen by St John of Kronstadt
  17. The Fifth and Sixth Seals of Revelation in Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians
  18. The Fourth and Fifth Seals of Revelation in the Gospel of Luke
  19. The Fourth to Seventh Seals of Revelation in the Gospel of Matthew
  20. The coming of Enoch and Elijah
  21. After the murder of Enoch and Elijah
  22. Sainthood – The call to holiness in our particular times
  23. The signs of the times – 8 – The role of Archangel Michael
  24. Lament for Jerusalem – The Purification
  25. Lament for Jerusalem – The Prayer
  26. The Fifth and Sixth Seals of Revelation – Prepare your souls
  27. The Great Defender will arise
  28. The Fifth Seal of Revelation