The Seal of God the Father

The Consecration Prayer to God the Father results in His Seal (Rv 3:10-12) which is one of the entryways into the Divine Heart and Will and the New Israel (the New Jerusalem; Rv 3, 21 and 22), the descent of which from Heaven has commenced (vide Message of 2nd June, 2010). The Scriptural lineage of the Seal of the Father dates back to the Seal of Yahweh conferred by Moses upon Aaron when the latter had become consecrated to God, after the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt (Ex 28:36-38).

The Seal of the Father and the Mark of the Beast

The Seal of the Father supersedes and cancels out the name, number or mark of the beast of the Book of Revelation (Rv 13 and 14). If one has been marked by the beast through deliberate systemic sin, but desires to return to live in God’s favor, becoming consecrated to the Divine Heart of the Father and obtaining His Seal, after a good confession and sincere repentance, in essence both cancels out the mark of the beast and seals the soul. The Father’s Seal also confers much-needed spiritual immunity on a soul through grace, in relation to the forthcoming attacks of Satan, principalities and powers, and earthly agents during the great Chastisement (vide Messages of 24th May and 13th June, 2010). The Seal of God the Father is both spiritual remedy and protection for souls during the present and upcoming times.

Outcome of Consecration and the Father’s Seal

When one is sealed by the Father through voluntary consecration to Him, the person’s soul becomes the full property of the Father (vide Message of 24th May, 2010). If after consecration one decides not to remain in a state of sanctifying grace through mortal sin, the Seal is violated and the Sacrament of Reconciliation needs to be attended prior to renewing the Seal. The Seal is renewed through daily participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and worthy reception of the Eucharist (Message of June 2010, unpublished). The Seal is also renewed through participation in weekly cenacles to the Father’s Divine Heart, which result in the provision of all graces needed to live habitually in His Divine Will.

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