What the world needs – Holy Octave of Purification and Consecration to God our Father

Below is what the world really needs in our times, but Whom it keeps rejecting out of false wisdom. The Heavenly Father has promised to come and live with us and in us, restoring order in the world and granting it a period of true peace – His peace – when the world is re-consecrated to Him, to His Divine Heart. The infinitely beautiful, loving Father has been pleading for this, for years, now. And yet, so far His pleas, His cries of a Father, have fallen on deaf ears.

God Our Father-page-001

Will you please not be so hard-hearted and oblige your Father by returning to Him Who loves you? Sparing the world on your part from even more pain and suffering? What have you to lose by trying to find out Who your Eternal Father really Is? Click on the picture above or the link provided herewith to download the Holy Octave of Purification and Consecration to God our Father.

Consoling our Father – Thought for the day

When we offer Mass to God our Father and praise Him, we console His wounded Divine Heart tremendously.

The pierced Heart of the Father – 2

We have pierced His Divine Heart with our sins. But, above all, with our ongoing refusal to return to Him. What is it going to take, for us to realize the extent to which we have pierced our Father’s tender Heart? He loves and grieves, precisely because He loves with an intensity you cannot begin to conceive. When are we going to console our Father, soothe the grief in the very Core of Continue reading “The pierced Heart of the Father – 2”

Let us console our sweet Father

We have the ability and power to console our omnipotent Father. Think about that for a moment. Puny little people that we are, incapable of doing anything – even breathing – unless our divine Parent wills or permits it, we have been granted the power to console Him. Man can console His Maker and His God. Consider that, ponder that, reflect upon such a fact. Due to His omnipotence, Continue reading “Let us console our sweet Father”

Let us pray – Consoling our Almighty Father

Let us pray for all those who do not want to return to God our Almighty Father. Many do not want to return to Him and His Heart, His most beautiful and tender Divine Heart, is pierced with great and profound sorrow at their loss. Our Father loves them with all His might despite everything they do. Yet they do not want to return, preferring to remain lost; far away, very far away, from His tender Continue reading “Let us pray – Consoling our Almighty Father”

Thank You for creating me – Thought for the day

How many of us and how often do we tell our Father, “Thank You for creating me, Father, I love You,” with the wholeness of our hearts? Such thankfulness, if genuine, is an uncomplicated prayer in itself.

The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 22

The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father: Part 3 – The Meaning of the Ecumenical Icon 

In addition to all the aims already explicated in both the introduction and the Father’s revelations, God the Father specifically requested that an “intentionally ecumenical” (unpublished message, 9/15/11) icon be made of His Divine Heart Encompassing All Continue reading “The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 22”

The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 21

The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father: Part 2 – The Revelations of God the Father in 2010-2011 – 5

On September 10th, 2010, God the Father said, “Many of My children do not love Me because they do not know Me, despite My pleas to them to return to live within the confines of My Divine Heart. How many of My children care to listen with their hearts to My pleas? Continue reading “The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 21”