Description of God the Father – 3


The Father who is Infinite Love

GodtheFather7About two weeks after You gave me the illumination of conscience, You – God the Father – desired to show me with precision just how much of a tender, loving Father You are despite Your omnipotence. You chose to do this because You knew the extent to which I had been afraid of You my whole life and still was to some degree – as so many people are – despite my consecration to You. After all, throughout the Old Testament, despite what was described as my uncanny attraction to it since childhood, You were repeatedly portrayed as annihilating all and sundry in various ways because they betrayed Your trust in them. You did not exactly come across as a loving God.  Continue reading “Description of God the Father – 3”

Description of God the Father – 2


The Father on His Throne

God the Father2You lifted me up to Yourself that weekday night a few days after I had completed the octave of purification and consecration to You. With infinite love and indulgence, You – God the Almighty Father – decided to show me what happens in the heavenly realm when a soul becomes consecrated to You. Hence that night, without prior warning, I found myself taken up into Your throne room: there I suddenly was, kneeling just a few feet away from You on both knees, as You sat regally on Your raised throne cloaked fully in Your Divine Light. The whole area which surrounded Your throne was similarly covered in several overlapping clouds of Your Light. Continue reading “Description of God the Father – 2”

Description of Jesus Christ – 4


holy-trinityThe Process Between the Father and the Son

You came that late Saturday afternoon as I was returning home after Mass. You, Jesus Christ, appeared without warning to my right and started answering me in Your beautiful, mellow, tenor voice on an issue someone had raised about themselves and which I had brought to You earlier in prayer. All of a sudden, God the Father joined the conversation in His sweet, authoritative, bass voice and started interjecting His answers at the same time – something which had never happened during previous Continue reading “Description of Jesus Christ – 4”

Description of the Holy Spirit


Karlskirche_Frescos_-_Heiliger_Geist_2The Pillar of Sweetness and Love

You came that late weekday evening. But instead of presenting Yourself as a still, small voice or a gentle breeze (1 Kgs 19:12) as You normally did, this time You came as a tangible column of ineffable sweetness and lightness; literally, a well-defined pillar of about 18 inches wide and over 6 feet tall. You came to my side without warning or expectation at the request of Your Spouse, the Virgin Mary. But unlike usual, You said nothing.  Continue reading “Description of the Holy Spirit”

Description of Jesus Christ – 1


Jesus Christ and Satan

You came in my dining room late that Tuesday morning, standing over six feet tall and dressed simply in Joseph’s striped, multicolored tunic (Gn 37:3). You came as the God-man who had walked on earth and it was the only time You appeared wearing Joseph’s tunic. You came seconds after Satan relentlessly attempted to throttle me with his claw-like hands as he yelled, “Renege! Renege!” in his raucous voice livid with fury and hate, while two demons grabbed me from either side and attempted to drag me down with them into the desolate abyss which leads to Hell – the place to which I had condemned myself for years on end. You came even though I had not specifically asked Continue reading “Description of Jesus Christ – 1”

Description of Hell: Hell is real, Satan lives and the power of consecration to the Father


Hell is real

An endless abyss, a bottomless void, of acute desolation. Then intense, unremitting hatred from Satan and his demons with petrifying terror, while they grab at you from every side; at times almost literally dislocating your limbs and ripping your heart out from your body, to pull you Continue reading “Description of Hell: Hell is real, Satan lives and the power of consecration to the Father”

Comparative description of Archangels Michael and Raphael


Two of the most beautiful beings ever created by God our Father are His archangels Michael and Raphael. These two archangels are as different in character as they are similar in nature. Archangel Michael appears as short, stocky and fierce – a typical warrior, whereas Archangel Raphael appears as very tall, elegant and quiet – ‘stately’ is the word that comes to mind when attempting to describe Raphael. Both Michael and Raphael appear as translucent, especially with regard to both their countenances and beings, since they are robed in Our Father’s Splendor; His very own Divine Light.  Continue reading “Comparative description of Archangels Michael and Raphael”

The Parental Love of the Father

You picked me up from among the dead and plunged me deeply into Your Divine Heart. You did not delegate the job of finding me, but descended from Your throne to search for me Yourself. With intense solicitude and love, You nestled me closely while purifying me thoroughly. So that You could then reside within me, with the Fullness of Your divine Life. You took me gently under Your most holy  Continue reading “The Parental Love of the Father”