MIKHA’EL starts screening in May

MIKHA’EL is the first award-winning and historically-accurate feature documentary about the Archangel Michael in cinema. Featuring a large ensemble cast with multiple story lines, the film explores Mikha’El’s ongoing and jaw-dropping exploits around the world particularly as Taxiarchis Panormitis, the Angel of Mount Zion and the Archangel of Monte Gargano. It also looks at the unusual discovery of the Panormitis icon by a hearing-impaired Greek Jew. Languages include English, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, and Latin. MIKHA’EL was shot on location in France, Greece, Italy, Jerusalem, Malta, Poland, Ukraine, and the USA. The film will be available to the public once it completes its festival run.

  1. Winner Best Director | L’Age D’Or International Film Festival
  2. Winner Best Director | Great Message International Film Festival
  3. Winner Best Score | 2021 Tracks Music Awards
  4. Outstanding Achievement Award Best Documentary | L’Age D’Or International Film Festival
  5. Outstanding Achievement Award Best Score | L’Age D’Or International Film Festival
  6. Honorable Mention | New York Movie Awards
  7. Nominee | Pigeon D’Or Awards