The wasteland and the Almighty Father

The world in general has become a wasteland once again and will continue to become even more so. However, our Father never gives up; He provides hope, love and graces for salvation even at the very end. It is up to us to accept the graces He gives us for even though He infinitely desires us to live in His bosom forever, He will never force us to do so even if this means that we break His tender, Divine Heart.

Everything He has is ours – Thought for the day

Everything that Our glorious Father has is ours, for the taking, if we are willing to ask Him for it while living in Him – while living in His Divine Heart and Will. Our Father is infinitely rich: He has everything, He owns everything. But do we, in reality, want the infinite riches of Our Father, even though many of us ceaselessly claim to be heirs to His Kingdom? Our Father wants to give us Continue reading “Everything He has is ours – Thought for the day”

The beauty of the illumination of the heart of our souls

Many people speak about illumination these days, but not all understand what it really is. Illumination is the illumination of the heart of our souls, the nous. When the nous is illuminated through divine grace – what the Eastern Christians, especially the desert masters, continually strived for (and some attained) through the combination Continue reading “The beauty of the illumination of the heart of our souls”

In the Image and Likeness of God

We have been created in the Image and Likeness of God. However, through both the sin of our First Parents and our ongoing sinfulness, we have proceeded to lose a lot of our likeness. Let us, therefore, work to recapture as much as possible of the likeness that we have lost, in terms of our open cooperation with grace, so that the Holy Spirit will find us ready to welcome His abundance fully during the forthcoming era of Peace.

Loving Our Father

When we decide from the depths of our hearts to live in God the Father’s Divine Will out of genuine love for Him in the first instance, rather than for purely selfish reasons (that is to primarily obtain graces for ourselves), the Infinite Love that Is in Our Father’s Divine Heart cannot then resist granting us everything that we may need and then some! Regardless of Continue reading “Loving Our Father”

The Beauty of Infinite Love

Firm and tender, irreplaceably sweet, and gently caressing Is the Beauty of Infinite Love. Wrapping up solidly in His vast, undying Embrace all those who desire and seek Him with genuineness in their hearts. Never as before now, subsequent to the Old Testament era, has Infinite Love made Himself so felt and available to all in His First Person. Flinging wide  Continue reading “The Beauty of Infinite Love”

Who is God the Father – 4

God the Father Paternally consoles us when we are sad, He gives us His Peace when we are fearful, He restores hope and Light in our souls when everything around us is relentlessly falling to pieces and we are about to despair. He opens doors for us that we would never consider, let alone open, by ourselves. He gives us His Love Infinitely when we Continue reading “Who is God the Father – 4”

The orb of the soul

When we present our soul to God the Father after deciding to give it to Him, we kneel before Him, facing Him with our soul in both our hands. Our Father sits on His throne facing us in His Almighty Splendor, with Jesus to His right and Mary at Jesus’s own right, waiting patiently and silently for us to give Him our soul so that it can become His property. God Continue reading “The orb of the soul”