The icon of Our Lady of Longmeadow

Our Lady of LongmeadowThe new icon of Our Lady of Longmeadow has just been completed. It will be blessed and installed in its intended home at Saint Mary’s Parish Church, Longmeadow, MA later next month. This is a revealed icon, the story behind the icon can be found here.


The drawing for the icon of Our Lady of Longmeadow

EPSON002-page-001This is the original pencil drawing (right) for the revealed icon of Our Lady of Longmeadow. The writing of the actual icon is presently in progress.

On the icon of the Divine Heart

Why have we been given the icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – an icon of a heart and Person generally invisible in nature, in comparison to the incarnate Son of God who visibly took on our humanity? Because “visible things in so far as they represent invisible things without shape so that in giving the visible things a physical shape, we can have a veiled knowledge of them . . . the mystery of the Trinity is reflected in the sun, its light and its rays” (Egon Sendler, 1988, The Icon: Image of the Invisible, p. 80).

Reopening the heart of our souls

When illumination occurs, it is the heart, the eye, of our souls, or as some call it the “eye of the heart,’ that is reopened to see the inner principles – logoi – of things, including spiritual realities. The heart of the soul, the nous, is also the place in which God our Father descends to live with His presence when He so desires. This in-dwelling by the Father in the reopened heart of our souls is the coming of Continue reading “Reopening the heart of our souls”

Small icon of God the Father

Icon of God the Father w frame2Just completed a small, portable icon (right) of our Almighty Father. Dimensions are 20cm x 30cm. Materials are wood with linen and natural gesso, 23.5 kt gold leaf and natural egg tempera. I originally intended to paint this icon for myself. But while scoring the drawing, applying the roskrysh and first highlights, the icon was so liked that it will now be in the private possession of an interfaith family. This icon of God the Father was blessed on the feastday of the Presentation of the Child Mary in the Temple (2013).

Why is an icon wonder-working?

You work wonders through created things, O Lord, while men have lost the gift of wonder working. You take fire and water for Your servants, while people refuse to serve You. To wood and metal You give Your power, while it is returned to You, despised by people. Through earth and grass You bestow mercy on Your chosen ones, while people make themselves too impure to Continue reading “Why is an icon wonder-working?”

What is the icon of the Father’s Heart? – Thought for the day

“Visibility of the invisible, this portrayability of the unportrayable, is what the icon is” (Bulgakov).

The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – More apologetics – 1

“Visible icons are the seeing of the invisible. They are products and representations by visible images of divine traits and ineffable and elevated contemplations” (Dionysus the Aeropagite).

“God sketched His image in the creature and this divine image is, therefore, imageable” (Bulgakov).

According to iconoclasts and many iconographers of the traditional stripe, it is impossible – heretical even – to have an icon either portraying God the Father or an attribute of Himself. To this effect, both groups of people quote Jn 1:18 from Scripture: “No man has seen God at any time.”

But setting aside the fact that the Father Himself asked that such icons be made and both showed Continue reading “The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – More apologetics – 1”

The gift of God – The Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady the Protectress frontTo the left is the newly-written icon of the gratuitous gift of the Holy Trinity to mankind: the Blessed Virgin Mary as Our Lady the Protectress; deified Mother of Jesus Christ, Queen of heaven and earth. This is a revealed icon which reflects the beauty and most common facial expression of Our Lady as seen in 2010 through 2012.

The icon was completed by Fr Richard G. Cannuli, O.S.A., based on the original icon painting done by the author. It was blessed at the altar with a regular icon blessing during the morning liturgy at the chapel of Clare Priory, Suffolk, on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, 2013.