Reopening the heart of our souls

When illumination occurs, it is the heart, the eye, of our souls, or as some call it the “eye of the heart,’ that is reopened to see the inner principles – logoi – of things, including spiritual realities. The heart of the soul, the nous, is also the place in which God our Father descends to live with His presence when He so desires. This in-dwelling by the Father in the reopened heart of our souls is the coming of Continue reading “Reopening the heart of our souls”

Description of God the Father – 1


The Illumination of Conscience and the Father of Mercies

GodtheFather7You came that weekday afternoon with Your only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ, after You decided to grant me the illumination of conscience a few days after I completed the octave of purification and consecration to You. Never did I expect anything to happen when I decided a week earlier, on a whim, to do the latter; especially as I made it a point of making a general confession before starting the octave. But You had other plans.

Without prior warning as I was sitting quietly reading that afternoon, You suddenly appeared a couple of feet above me together with Your Son, to Your right; while Your Spirit showed me with immutable clarity, Continue reading “Description of God the Father – 1”

What is the meaning of illumination of conscience? – Response to a question

Together with purification and deification, illumination is “the reception of an understanding of the Godhead” (Dionysus the Aeropagite, CH VII.3.209C).

The illumination of conscience is a grace of mercy given by God the Father and a process whereby one sees everything they did or did not do, said or did not say, throughout their life in the light of the truth who is Christ; and all those sins which were not absolved (not recalled by God anymore) through the sacrament of reconciliation.  Continue reading “What is the meaning of illumination of conscience? – Response to a question”

Since many remain unaware or not fully aware of what shall happen, once again here is one of the previous posts on the illumination of conscience.

Why we need the Illumination of Conscience

“A nous (the heart of the soul) which deserts God becomes either bestial or demonic, and after having rebelled against the laws of nature, lusts after what belongs to others and his greed finds no satisfaction; he dissipates himself in carnal desires, and he knows no measure of pleasure. He wants to be honored by all, while dishonoring himself with deeds, and he wants everyone to flatter him Continue reading “Why we need the Illumination of Conscience”

Illumination and entering into the Father’s Presence – A brief note

When the heart of our souls has been re-opened through illumination and our voluntary acceptance of it, we enter instantly into the Presence of God our Almighty Father, even while being still here on earth, if we gain a plenary indulgence under the usual conditions. This is especially important to know or remember in these Continue reading “Illumination and entering into the Father’s Presence – A brief note”

Meaning of the Illumination of Conscience – Illumination and sin

The illumination of one’s soul, better known as the illumination of conscience, is in essence and fact the healing of the soul that is ill, for it entails reopening the heart of the soul, the nous, to God the Father and His Truth, Jesus Christ; hence, to Knowledge – true (interior, experiential) knowledge – of God, after it has been closed and repeatedly Continue reading “Meaning of the Illumination of Conscience – Illumination and sin”