Our refusal of divine Life, Love and Joy

Divine joy is the essence of life and yet we do not want it, we push it away. How can we live if we are not in God? We may be physiologically alive but, in reality, we have no life within us, for we do not have the Life Who Is God. Love is the key that opens the door to Heaven. Yet we neither want life, nor do we want love. What, therefore, do we really want? Despair, misery and death? Is this Continue reading “Our refusal of divine Life, Love and Joy”

The mountain – Our Father’s love

You drew me out of the world, to Your mountain, in order to see Your Face, while leaving me in this world at the same time. You loved me so intensely and intently that You descended from Your mighty Throne, to call me to Yourself. With sweetness, gentleness and tenderness bar none You attracted me and drew me into Your Divine Heart. Continue reading “The mountain – Our Father’s love”

The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 24

The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father: Part 4 – The Meaning of the Icon Components

Below is a copy of the original pencil drawing of the Divine Heart of God the Father Encompassing All Hearts, as seen in the exterior vision of May 25th, 2010 (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011). Continue reading “The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 24”

Who is God the Father – 4

God the Father Paternally consoles us when we are sad, He gives us His Peace when we are fearful, He restores hope and Light in our souls when everything around us is relentlessly falling to pieces and we are about to despair. He opens doors for us that we would never consider, let alone open, by ourselves. He gives us His Love Infinitely when we Continue reading “Who is God the Father – 4”

Wounding Infinite Love – Thought for the day

When we wound Our Father by committing sins, in both essence and fact, we are piercing the very Core of the Divine Heart of Infinite Love and Peace. We are also piercing the Core of the Heart of Life, which is the Heart Itself of the Most Holy Trinity.

Names for God the Father

Infinite BeautyLove, Peace, Gentleness, Joy, Patience, Playfulness, Life, Generosity, Beneficence, Providence, Tenderness, Goodness, Softness, Firmness, Balm, Happiness, Sweetness, Wildness, Light, Radiance, Majesty, Splendor. This is just a summary snapshot of Who our Father and our God really Is and what He Is truly like – the Yahweh of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the Father of Jesus Christ – when He Is on reciprocally intimate terms with His children on earth! The most adorable Father.

The three pillars of Life – Thought for the day

The three pillars of Life are Peace, Love, and Joy – the peace, love, and joy of the fullness of our Inheritance: the Most Holy Trinity.