Purification in the desert

This is the time of our purification. God the Father has decided to cleanse the earth and He always gets His way.

Being in the desert

Upon entering into the desert, our Father will shut the doors firmly behind us as He did the first time around with the Israelites, so we cannot retreat to where we came from as we would otherwise do. He wants us to step out on the plank of faith.  Continue reading “Purification in the desert”

Why we need to be purified – Thought for the day

Our individual purification and the collective purification of the earth is at hand, because since He is more pure and holy, and He desires to establish His Reign on earth without further delay, only one thing is impossible for God our Almighty Father. That is “to be joined in union with something impure before it has been cleansed” (Palamas, G. 2005. Mary the Mother of God, p. 11).