What would You like me to do?

Do not be afraid to ask our Father, “What would You like me to do for You today?” He loves receiving such a question from us when it comes from the heart, because it opens us up to receiving His Will within us. Moreover, after you ask such a question with sincerity, joy and peace will fill your heart, your soul. And the rest of the day will never be the same again.

Is Adam God the Father? – Response to a question

The question was asked, “Is Adam God the Father?” The answer is no. God the Father is the Almighty Creator of the universe, divine in nature, timeless and ageless, whereas Adam is the first human being ever created by the Father, through His Son, the Word, in the Holy Spirit. Adam is the first parent of mankind, human in nature. He lived and died like all the rest of us and is now considered a saint in Heaven despite his fall.  

When is the Consecration Prayer to the Father said?

The question was asked, “When is the prayer of consecration to the Divine Heart of God the Father said?” The answer is at any time. Whenever you wish to say the prayer, do so. No rules and regulations are involved although some say it daily as, like that, you are offering your day to the Father.

Meanwhile, for those who believe in the Sacrament of Reconciliation (e.g., Catholics, Orthodox), it is wise to sometimes say the prayer after confession, since the consecration leads to receiving the seal of the Father (Rv 3:10-12).

Is the Name of the Father His seal? – Response to a question

The question was asked, “Is the Name of God the Father the seal of the Father?” The brief answer is “no.” The Name of the Heavenly Father is His Name, unparalleled in might in itself. The seal of the Father (Rv 3:10-12) is a special mark, a special grace, which results in immunity from losing our souls forever due to the attacks of Satan during the chastisement. It is granted to those who ask the Father for it in one or more of the ways He has established, with sincerity and genuineness in their hearts.

What is God the Father like? – Brief response to a question

The question was asked, “What is God the Father like?” Several names and adjectives can be used to describe how our Father is. In fact, many descriptions of the Heavenly Father exist in Scripture and the writings of various saints and scholars. But none of them suffice to describe Him in His entirety as, being God, He is infinite and ultimately unknowable in His essence; His nature. What follows, Continue reading “What is God the Father like? – Brief response to a question”

The power and love of God the Father – A response

If you only knew how loving and powerful our Almighty Father is! Nothing is impossible for Him. If you knew, truly knew, how our Father really is, you would not stay away a moment longer. You would approach Him with great rapidity and ask Him, without fear or hesitation, to take you back into His arms and plunge You deeply into His Divine Heart. But many of you, so many of you, remain Continue reading “The power and love of God the Father – A response”

The vulnerability of the Father – Response to a question

The question was posed, “What is the vulnerability of the Father?” The answer is simplicity in itself: “Love.” Turn to our beautiful Creator and Father with love in every fiber of your being for what you need or desire, and He will be unable to resist your request as long as it does not result in harm to your soul. Our sweet Father is very tender at the core of His Divine Heart, despite His omnipotence Continue reading “The vulnerability of the Father – Response to a question”

What can we give our Father? – Third response to the question

The question was again asked, “What can we give our Father?” The answer is simple: “Love because that is the only thing our Heavenly Father really wants from us. Genuine love from our hearts; wholehearted love.” The first two responses to the above question can be found here and here.