St Michael

More reader feedback on the book – 2

The Divine Family.jpg Resized to 800 pxBy Carol d’Annunzio (Author: Simple Catholic Living).

“Before sharing my thoughts on the book I want to mention that I am not going to state my belief or lack of belief in the narratives described in this book. Each person who reads the book can decide for him or herself whether or not he or she believe the words contained therein. It is not my place to judge either way and I will leave my comments to the actual content of the book.

“Having said that, The Divine Family is a short (84 pages), beautifully written book that describes the Archangels Michael and Rafael, the Blessed Virgin and Jesus. It also describes Satan and vividly points out that hell is very real and that (more…)

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NEW RELEASE – The Divine Family: Experiential Narratives

The Divine Family.jpg Resized to 800 pxThe Apostolate of the Divine Heart announces the publication of its latest book titled The Divine Family: Experiential Narratives. The book is available directly from the publisher and the online bookseller Amazon. For those outside the US, you can obtain the book either from the respective Amazon sites or directly from the distributors.

In The Divine Family: Experiential Narratives, the lived experiences of the author with the Members of the Divine Family and others are presented openly in print for the first time. These experiences occurred from 2010 through 2012. Written predominantly in a dialogical narrative style suitable for believers and non-believers alike, the author chronicles first-hand some of her personal experiences with the archangels Michael and Raphael; demons and Satan, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God the Father.  (more…)

Preview video of new release – The Divine Family: Experiential Narratives

The Great Defender will arise

“And at that time Michael will arise – the great Prince, defender of Your people. That will be a time of great distress, unparalleled since nations first came into existence. When that time comes, Your own people will be spared – all those whose names are found written in the Book” (Dn 12:1).

Comparative description of Archangels Michael and Raphael


Two of the most beautiful beings ever created by God our Father are His archangels Michael and Raphael. These two archangels are as different in character as they are similar in nature. Archangel Michael appears as short, stocky and fierce – a typical warrior, whereas Archangel Raphael appears as very tall, elegant and quiet – ‘stately’ is the word that comes to mind when attempting to describe Raphael. Both Michael and Raphael appear as translucent, especially with regard to both their countenances and beings, since they are robed in Our Father’s Splendor; His very own Divine Light.  (more…)

After the Great Chastisement – 2 – The era of peace, the final uprising and the Last Judgment

“And I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the dragon, the old serpent, which is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. And he cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up and set a seal upon him, that he should no more (more…)

The signs of the times – 8 – the role of Archangel Michael

1) “At that time Michael will rise – the great Prince, defender of Your people. That will be a time of great distress, unparalleled since nations first came into existence. When that time comes, Your own people will be spared – all those whose names are found (more…)

To Archangel Michael, my beloved friend

Our One, True and Only God

The eternal Life, the eternal Love; eternal Light and eternal Bliss. Our One, True and only God. Our Father forever, our Father in eternity, regardless of whether we accept Him as such or not, in our daily lives. No other god compares, no other idol comes (more…)

Words of St Michael – 7

Be kind. Be kind and love as my Master loved. Otherwise you will be punished. Only those who truly love as my Master loved, will be allowed direct entry into the Kingdom of Heaven. All others will have to be purified before they enter” (10/4/11b).

Words of St Michael – 6

“I am always where the Blessed Sacrament is. I want you to love. My mission is to guard my King and my Master, never to leave Him alone (…) Little does he (Satan) know what my Master has in store for him who hates mankind and desires solely their ruin (…) I desire you to give people this message, tell them (more…)

Words of Sts Michael and Raphael – 1

“We obey the Most Holy Trinity” (10/2/10).

Words of St Michael – 5

“Adore God!” (5/3/11).

Words of St Michael – 4

 “Pray to me (…) Unless people pray to me I cannot defend them. They have to ask me to help them as I do not violate God’s Will, which is that every individual has their own free will. That is why people need to pray to me. Pray to me and I will defend you” (8/21/10).

Note: Archangel Michael desires that everyone starts saying Pope Leo XIII’s prayer to him, the 1902 (long) approved version for the Church.

Words of St Michael – 3

“You are the temple of the Trinitarian God, do not ever forget that! (7/9/10, …) Are you not going to pray to me? I want you to pray to me, I want to save and defend the Church!” (7/24/10).

Words of St Michael – 2

“(…) Know that when you are defending the Faith, I am there, near you; defending it with you. You are not alone though you may feel alone (…) I am constantly by your side, encouraging you, supporting you; raising you up to defend God. That is how I cast out Lucifer from Heaven, by defending God. That is (more…)

Words of St Michael – 1

“(…) I have been chosen to chain Satan forever because I am the one who most understands how Satan has tried to place himself above God, with and through his pride. I understand Satan’s operations fully and the manner in which he works” (5/26/10).

Quis ut Deus?! – 2 – Thought for the day

Peace, Joy, Love, and Happiness: the Glory of God. Heavenly peace, love, joy, and happiness that can never be given to anyone by mankind. This is the Kingdom of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit Who Are the Fullness of our Inheritance. Ours for the taking, for free, if we so desire. A Peace, Joy, Love, and Happiness never previously experienced on earth. The Glory of the Triune God.

Are we ready? – 4 – Who are we going to glorify?

Are we ready to glorify God the Father with the entireties of our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls – that is our Real Father and Creator, the Alpha and Omega of the entire universe –  when the moment of testing arrives? And it will arrive! Whether we like it or not. Irrespective of whether we wish to remain in comfortable denial or otherwise. No matter how much we (more…)

Who Is God the Father? – 3

Sitting atop of all Creation in His Heavenly Kingdom, Is God the Father Who holds us safely in His Divine Heart when we decide to enter. Placing us close, very close, to the Core of His Light, Life, and Love to keep us safely ensconced in His Heart and Will. Safe from the endless despicable schemes and attacks of the enemy, with the ravages that ensue in every aspect of our (more…)

Quis ut Deus?!

‘Quis ut Deus?’ means ‘Who is like God?’ Specifically ‘Who is like God the Father?’ No one is like God! Let us both hold and sincerely believe this response with clarity in the innermost recesses of our hearts and minds, every time that we are challenged to manifest our fidelity to God the Father. We never know when we may sorely need it.

‘Quis ut Deus’ is also the name of St. Michael the Archangel, the Prince of the heavenly host who will defeat once again the prince of darkness (Rv. 20:1-3). Archangel Michael gained his name precisely by fiercely and loyally defending Our Father against Lucifer and his minions during the first rebellion (Rv. 12:7-9).