And He will crush your heart

He will crush your heart, to be able to love His people as He desires them to be loved. Indeed, as He loved them Himself. For without a heart that has been crushed, it remains closed or insufficiently open and His people cannot enter. They cannot be held with tenderness and joy, especially those most in need of His love: those who continue to reject Him, insult Him and blaspheme Him.  Continue reading “And He will crush your heart”

On suffering

Suffering is the result of sin, yet we blame everything and everyone for suffering except the true culprits: ourselves. Most often we comply with Satan’s will instead of God’s Will, either by default or by deliberation. Then we complain, curse and even blaspheme when we suffer as a result, displacing blame from its true locus: ourselves. Others also suffer as a result of sin, albeit in reparation Continue reading “On suffering”