More on discerning the true Church from the false church

Ego sum cum Papa semper (Saint George Preca).

Some points:

  1. Those who speak against the Pope – run away from them. It is the Pope who has been appointed by the Son of the Living God, and God Himself, to be His Vicar and the visible head of the Church on earth. Not you or anyone else. See previous post;
  2. Those who would speak against their bishops, especially publicly, in terms of the Faith and its practice – a failure of basic charity, to begin with. The Church is a hierarchy and is run by a hierarchy. It is not a democracy or ‘run by committee’ or even by popular vote. There is a reason for that. The bishops are shepherds, leaders – your leaders – no matter their personal failings and foibles. They are your spiritual fathers; respect them as fathers. Dislike them and/or their various preferences all you want, but you do not have the right to disrespect them (let alone mock them) by virtue of their role/office that is permitted, if not appointed, by God. In mocking them, you are doing nothing less than mocking Christ and perpetuating His Passion;
  3. Those who create, or attempt to create, division, chaos and disorder in the Mystical Body of Christ. This is never from the Holy Spirit, even if done in the name of allegedly defending the Catholic Faith. The Mystical Body is not made up solely of Catholics – has never, in fact, been comprised solely of Catholics, as though it’s one’s favorite political party. The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ is made up of every single individual who has been validly baptized (in terms of form and matter) and of every person who has been baptized by desire (cf. Lumen Gentium). It is not you or your likings that determine who is part of the Church, but God. Those who would claim otherwise are going directly against the Constitution on the Church and against the desires of the very God they so profess to worship above all else;
  4. Those who claim that the Extraordinary (Tridentine) Form of the Mass is “superior” to the Ordinary Form (Novus Ordo). Both forms are equal in terms of sacramental grace, validity and liceity, despite the differences in perceived reverence and personal preferences. You do not get “more Jesus” in the former than in the latter. To say otherwise is a lie;
  5. Those who would claim that they are The Remnant Faithful in the Church. No one but God knows the entirety of who is, or is not, part of the remnant. To claim otherwise is to attempt to arrogate for oneself – like Lucifer – the very role, seat and omnipotence of God.

Discerning the true Church from the false church


The question was asked, “How does one discern the true Church from the false church?” The answer is simple. Ubi Petrus, ibi Ecclesia, ibi Deus. Because Peter, the Vicar of Christ, the Pope, has been granted by God the special grace of a faith that will never fail, no matter his personal sinfulness and whatever the usual naysayers might claim, where there is Peter, there is Christ, there is the true Church, and there is God.

A god and a church in their own image

Nevertheless, I have this against you: you have left your first love (Rv. 2:4).

Many these days want and are attempting to create a god and a church in their own image, both tailored according to the people’s desires, preferences, and yes; even ambitions. It is a situation similar to when the Children of Israel got tired of waiting for Moses to descend from Mount Sinai, so they begged his brother, Aaron – the high priest who consented to betray God, in order to please the people – to build them instead a golden calf to worship (Ex 32:1-6). But the problem is that neither such a god, nor such a church, can really satiate the most basic cravings and searching of humankind, because they are not the One, True and Holy God; and the One, True and Holy Church, out of and through whom is provided infinite grace and consolation, despite the sinfulness of the latter’s members.

Neither the god, nor the church, being made in the people’s image can truly assist humankind in its ever-increasing difficulties. This because they do not emanate from the Heart of God Who is the Divine Light, but from the heart of man, out of which nothing can emerge but darkness and false lights – a postmodern-day golden calf – unless it is first purified and illumined by the Holy Spirit Who is God.