Description of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God – 2


The Virgin Mary, evil spirits and the Sacrament of Confession

You came out of your large statue which lies right above the tabernacle in the church which bears your name, when I was unknowingly surrounded by some evil spirits that Saturday afternoon while awaiting my turn in line to go to confession. I was already nervous at being there despite the priest-confessor being very good and thorough, kind and gentle, as it was only the second time I was attending after not having been for a significant period of time. Sitting in the pew waiting, I was hoping against hope that the person before me would get their confession over and done with, so that I could get in and out as quickly as possible. I had purposely sat at the end of the pew so if I felt I could not make it, I would be able to leave easily – hopefully unnoticed and without disturbing other people.  Continue reading “Description of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God – 2”

The Blessed Virgin Mary Speaks (2011)

Words from the Divine Family – 24

“Come and rest in My Heart” (Our Lady, 9/9/11). “You are experiencing the sadness of My Heart at My abandonment, by My priests” (Jesus, 9/10/11). “They cannot even spend one hour with Me, all I have asked for is one hour, they cannot even do this. They think that they work hard” (Jesus, 9/12/11). “Rest in My Heart (…) Do not abandon Him (in the exposed  Continue reading “Words from the Divine Family – 24”

Words from Mary – 8

“He (Satan) wants to make you believe that you do not have a Father. Anyone who stays in My (Immaculate) Heart will be safe” (9/1/11).

Words from Mary – 7

“Satan hates what is good because he wants to destroy souls. He hates you because he hates me, Our Father, and my Son. He will stop at nothing to destroy souls. But do not be afraid, you are protected and under my care. You are in my Heart” (5/6/11). “I am the Mother of Love” (5/9/11).

Words of Mary – 6

“My Son’s reign is coming and people are still not ready for Him” (8/8/10). “You are part of Our Family” (8/15/10). “Humility disarms Satan because it makes his attempts futile. It turns everything he does back on him. The Father loves humility because in humility, His Omnipotence becomes more Continue reading “Words of Mary – 6”

Words of Mary – 5

“Satan hates your Father and he will do anything to cause disunity. Unity terrifies him because it is a sign of the presence of the Father’s grace. So he sows discord and division in men’s hearts in order to wreak havoc in the world and on the Father’s plans. Little does he know that he will never Continue reading “Words of Mary – 5”

Words of Mary – 4

“Please give My Son a home, He is not going to have anywhere to live soon on earth because His children, His own people, do not want Him. My Son’s House – His Temple, His Most Holy Abode – is going to be ransacked, vandalized, brutalized, defaced, mutilated, and destroyed beyond recognition. Please Continue reading “Words of Mary – 4”