Thoughts for the Day

Peace – 2

The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding (Ph 4:7), is gratuitously granted to all men of good will. Ask for it, therefore. Do not hesitate to ask for it with genuineness of heart, and the Almighty Father will grant it to you in the heart of your soul.

Love your enemies

The true measure of a man can be seen not by the love he shows towards his friends, but by the degree to which he loves his enemies. For “if you only love those who love you, what recompense will you have? Do not even the publicans do the same? [So] Love your enemies; do good to those who hate you. And pray for them who persecute you and calumniate you, that you may be the children of your Father who is heaven and who makes His sun rise upon the good and the bad, and rain upon the just and the unjust” (Mt 5:44-46).

The darkness and the light

The difference between the darkness and the light is that the former sends forth all kinds of falsehoods to appear as light, while being no more than multiple variations of darkness itself; whereas the light shines through with the reality of truth Who is God like Whom there is no other.

Humankind cannot rest in man

Humankind cannot truly rest in fellow man or in the world, because he has been placed by God the Father above nature and the world. Humankind can only rest in God, because no one other than God Who transcends man can really satiate his entire being.

On God the Father – 3 – Thought for the Day

He comes in humility, without any fanfare – just like His Son came when He was born.

Consoling our Father – Thought for the day

When we offer Mass to God our Father and praise Him, we console His wounded Divine Heart tremendously.

What is the icon of the Father’s Heart? – Thought for the day

“Visibility of the invisible, this portrayability of the unportrayable, is what the icon is” (Bulgakov).

Children of the one Father – Thought for the day

“We are all called to be children of the one Father and brothers among ourselves . . . God is reality with a capital ‘R’ . . . a Father of goodness and infinite mercy” (Pope Francis, Letter to Eugenio Scalfari, 2013).

The Father who loves – Thought for the day

He will never abandon you, if you turn to Him, especially if you do so with your whole heart. The pure Father cannot but love, most intensely, for He is Love.

No happiness without God – Thought for the day

There is no true and lasting happiness outside God, because He is in His very essence order, peace, joy, love and happiness. We may try to find happiness in other events, places and persons, as so many of us still try to do. But we will never be satisfied unless we let ourselves be loved thoroughly by God our Father and become immersed in Him, for that is the reason we were made.

He wants our hearts – Thought for the day

The Almighty but ever-sweet, beautiful Father wants our hearts. He desires intensely to be loved and known. Will you give Him your heart, love from your heart, in exchange for the most sweet, tender, gratifying, all-encompassing love ever known to man? Our Father waits and loves. Will you return His love?

The Father who protects – Thought for the day

We are never alone yet many of us remain unaware of this. We have a Father, a very tender and good Father, who protects us at every turn, as long as we let Him do so.

Thy Kingdom come – 1 – Thought for the day

“Thy Kingdom come:” how beautiful and profound are those three words in the Lord’s prayer. Inherently, though some are still unaware of this, those three words of Jesus Christ, which He taught us to say daily, mean that we are asking our beautiful Father to come and live in us as we live in Him. This as wherever there is the Almighty Father there is the Kingdom, because the Father Himself is the Kingdom and provides the kingdom for His faithful children to enjoy. Ergo “Thy Kingdom come” is the coming and reigning of the Divine Will on earth.

The love of God in the desert – Thought for the day

Our Almighty Father always comes through and never lets us down, especially when we are living in the desert; the wilderness. It is, in fact, in the desert that we become purified and refined to experience His mighty love with ever-increasing intensity and profundity. No one can grow in the love of God and neighbor unless they first pass through the desert of purification. It is precisely there, in the desert, that the infinite love of the Father becomes manifest it all its power and glory, for if God had to be absent in the desert there would literally be nothing left.

Saddening our Father’s Heart – Thought for the day

“It is not the thoughts and all the other miseries which obsess you which will make you offend God. You sadden His paternal Heart only by lacking confidence in His goodness, in thinking too little of Him as a good Father who cherishes you and wishes to save you” (Fr. H. Courtes, Letter to J. A. Jourdan, 1823, EO VI n 99).

The love of the Father – Thought for the day

The love and parental tenderness of the Almighty Father never fail, even in the most difficult of circumstances. Turn to Him with childlike simplicity, wholeness of heart and love when everything and everyone around you fail you. You will find Him steadfastly by your side to both heal the wounds inflicted upon you and open doors which would remain closed by all earthly standards. Love (more…)

The Father does not abandon – Thought for the day

God the Father never abandons us even when we are in the desert, the wilderness, and it may seem otherwise. He is a Father in every sense of the word, with the most tender, paternal Heart. He responds in different ways, unanticipated ways, and quietly puts into motion unexpected events to bring to fruition His divine plan.

The tender heart of our Father – Thought for the day

The tender heart of God our Father can never resist being moved by our plight, no matter who we are and where we may be in our lives. As a true Father, the first Person of the Holy Trinity continues to provide for us in the most surprising ways, when least expected, despite all the things we do to wound His Divine Heart.

Only a Father – Thought for the day

We are a creation only a Father could love. Although we have broken every commandment and every promise, He still lovingly accepts our return (Bishop Angaelos, Coptic Orthodox Church).

Who is Yahweh Elohim? – Thought for the day

Who is Yahweh Elohim – God the Almighty Father? He is infinite joy and infinite love; pure and simple. Why would you not want to know Him?

The sweetness of God – Thought for the day

He is sweet, inexpressibly sweet; with a delicate sweetness which shall never compare to all earthly sweetness combined. No one exists like Him. He is sweet and He is Love. Try Him and you will find out; there is nothing to fear. You can tell Him anything you wish – with respect. All He desires is intimacy with you; it is all He ever wanted. So why not try Him and give Him a chance? You will discover the nature of true sweetness.

Made for Love – Thought for the day

We were made for Infinite Love and joy; no more, no less. So when we deprive ourselves of Him either intentionally or unintentionally, we experience this lack in the depths of our being, even though we may not necessarily be aware this is happening. Unless we return to Love, therefore, we shall never be satisfied in the full sense of the word, for we were made for Love, to love.

Test of fidelity – Thought for the day

The test by God of our fidelity comes not when everything is plum and luxurious, but when we are in the wilderness; the desert. Who, therefore, are we going to be? Who and what are we going to choose?

The purity of the Father – Thought for the day

God the Father is pure, immaculate and terrifyingly majestic in His holiness. They are a purity and holiness which need to be witnessed, to start being comprehended. How can we expect Him to come and reside in us with His Presence, which He so intensely desires to do – a gift, a grace He wishes to bestow on all who would accept Him with their whole hearts – when we keep refusing to even attempt to become pure?