The freedom of living in Our Father’s Heart

Living in God the Father’s Divine Heart, we experience a freedom – a liberation – of soul and spirit previously unknown. All the shackles of our past are broken and the impossible becomes possible, the dullest of tasks becomes joyous. Peace, Joy, Love, and Happiness inundate our entire being despite whatever it is that we may be doing, causing us to live in the Continue reading “The freedom of living in Our Father’s Heart”

Union of wills – 2

To successfully unite our will with that of God the Father in order to both enter into and remain in His Divine Heart, we need to continually ask Him “Father, what is Your Will for me in this situation? What do You want me to do?” When we carry out this process genuinely, that is with sincere hearts and in a state of grace, Our Father indicates to us without fail what the Continue reading “Union of wills – 2”

Living in the Divine Heart – 2 – Peace

Living in the Divine Will of God the Father means to live in the Peace of Heaven. That Peace which the world and mankind so sorely lack and need, but that can start being both lived and experienced while still here on earth. But living in Heavenly Peace means to literally live in the Divine Heart of God the Father, because it is precisely from the very Core of Continue reading “Living in the Divine Heart – 2 – Peace”

Free will – 1

On the one side of our life is God the Father: the Alpha and the Omega with His Life, Love, Truth, Hope, Peace, Happiness, and Joy. Life, love, hope, peace, Truth, happiness, and joy that we can truly start experiencing from this very moment while still alive on earth. By entering into and deciding freely to remain inside the doorway of the New Jerusalem (Is. 65, Rv. 21). Continue reading “Free will – 1”

Words from God the Father – Cenacles to the Divine Heart

“(…) I want you to have cenacles of My Most Divine Heart (…) take up the Consecration in order that I might truly dwell with My children in a new and unheard-of fashion. In your cenacles, I will refresh your hearts and provide you with all of the graces you will need to live habitually in My Divine Will. I WILL Continue reading “Words from God the Father – Cenacles to the Divine Heart”

The New Jerusalem – Thought for the day

The New Jerusalem is about returning to live in God the Father’s Will so that we can fully reside in His Heart, while He reciprocally comes to reside fully in the heart of our souls. Living in this manner, we will start  experiencing the Peace, Joy, Love, and Happiness of the Divine Family while still here on earth.

A little lily – Thought for the day

To do the Divine Will of God the Father is in actuality to be a little lily of the Father, because the soul becomes the Father’s garden whereas the person becomes the flower. When we do Our Father’s Will, therefore, in essence we become His little lilies that start exuding the fragrant odor of the road of holiness, which latter is the goal of all the children of God.

The beauty of God the Father’s Divine Will

The beauty of the existence of God the Father’s Divine Will is that we experience immeasurable freedom and liberty from the imprisoning chains of our selves when we set aside our wills to do His Will, because we then take for ourselves the inestimable freedom of God Himself. Nothing greater than this exists nor is there anything more beautiful in its Continue reading “The beauty of God the Father’s Divine Will”

The Love and Peace of God the Father

The Love and Peace of God are unparalled by anything or anyone on earth. The Peace of God the Father is a profound interior peace that results in daily, and not-so-daily, life occurrences completely losing their power to disturb us regardless of their nature. In fact had the greatest disaster that we could possibly imagine to happen in reality, the Peace of Continue reading “The Love and Peace of God the Father”

A union of Wills – 1

God the Father desires that each one of us joins our will to His Will, in order that He can both truly be and function as Our Father at each and every moment of our lives – the innermost desire and longing of His Divine Heart. In fact this is why He created us: so that we could be His children and He could be Our Father, loving us immeasurably for Continue reading “A union of Wills – 1”